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What if Age is Just A Number?

Sep 23, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

What if Age is Just A Number? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What if age is just a number? In a society that often glamorizes youth, the true value of aging gets overlooked. Getting older doesn’t mean slowing down or losing our edge. In fact, science hints at quite the opposite.

Contrary to myths, our brains keep forming new connections as we age. Older folks might not retrieve memories as fast as young people, but they excel in learning and growing; thanks to years of experience and knowledge.

A study of 125 years of chess matches, analyzing 1.6 million moves in 24,000 games found that players hit their stride around age 40. And the decline after 45 was negligible. Mental acumen doesn’t necessarily degrade with age but evolves.

But it’s not just mind sports where older adults shine. A study on ultramarathons found that women peak between ages 40-44, while men excel at 45-49. The longer the race, the older the peak performance. This defies the conventional idea that physical peak is in the twenties or thirties.

The road to self-assurance and fulfillment lengthens with age. Self-esteem grows from adolescence and peaks between ages 50 and 70. A positive outlook also nurtures social bonds. As we age, we generally become more emotionally stable and maintain healthier relationships. And these relationships become a source of long-term support.

Nobel Prize winners are often in their 50s and 60s. Even in the realm of literature, the average age of Nobel laureates stands at 65.

A positive outlook on aging often leads to longer, healthier lives. Optimistic individuals recover more quickly from disabilities and have a higher average lifespan—by as much as seven and a half years. This isn’t wishful thinking; research supports it.

Even body image seems to improve as we age. According to a study, women felt most satisfied with their body image at 74, and for men, this satisfaction came at around 80.

Another survey revealed that when asked about the happiest time of their lives, the most common answer was 82; not childhood or early adulthood.

Growing older brings with it not just years but a whole treasure trove of experience, emotional stability, and wisdom. It’s a playground for ongoing personal growth.

We might not have all the research to prove that our prime could still be ahead of us, but we have enough data to say that aging is far from being a downhill journey. A supportive environment where aging is celebrated rather than feared helps us embrace the beauty and wisdom that come with years.

Growing older—many dread it, but what if we shift our focus? What if, instead of fearing age, we embrace it? Our mindset about aging directly influences our health and lifespan, and that’s not just an optimistic view. Science backs it up.

So, can we become aware of our age beliefs and toss out the old narrative? Every age offers its unique lessons and perks, and what matters is how we feel. Maybe age is just a number that no longer defines who we are at the core. 

“Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.” —David Bowie

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