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What if Our Children Are Also Our Elders?

Jul 29, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

What if Our Children Are Also Our Elders? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Buckminster Fuller had an interesting view. He saw our children as our elders in universal time. He suggests kids explore a universe more advanced than we can grasp. We can only understand it through their eyes when we choose to pay attention.

Can this shift how we parent and communicate? It might help shape our children into evolving, wise beings. They become constant learners and creative thinkers instead of dismissing their crazy observations. Kids ask why do we eat cows and not zebras? They often challenge our belief systems to the core.

Our children as our elders may mean that they remember how powerful we are as creators.

Imagine our young ones holding a broader view of the universe. They could be navigating a more meaningful world than ours. What if we valued their wisdom and learned from their experiences? Considering whether our children as our elders could create a healthier path. We would listen more and be at peace when we’re unsure or don’t have an answer; instead of believing, “this is just how it is.”

Often, children ask questions we have long silenced. Open dialogue and shared laughter help us value their insights. This shift in understanding can benefit both family dynamics and society.

Each day becomes an adventure and a trek into the unknown. Every moment turns into an experience. What if each child is a wise teacher? Can we step into the future through our children’s eyes? We learn, grow, and evolve with them.

Fuller believed in learning from mistakes. He thought that many children lose their genius due to fear of making mistakes. What if we changed this? What if we saw mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow? This shift could define parenting for our time, fostering learning and wisdom for all.

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