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What Sparks Us?

Nov 2, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

What Sparks Us? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Sparks Make Us Come Alive, or Not

What if instead of asking each other what we do for a living, we asked: what sparks and makes us come alive? What are we creating in the world? Imagine the energy that would connect us when we know what sparks us. 

But we don’t always ask questions that get to the heart of things. We spend so much of life today following the rules and serving the very institutions and systems we created. We stay stuck in systems that no longer serve our highest intentions.

And as a result, we are increasingly hearing about a massive mental health crisis, which is also spreading among senior executives. Not just employees who are questioning everything. 

Deloitte is reporting that 70% of high-level executives are seriously considering quitting their jobs, due to their emotional wellbeing. And this study finds that one out of three executives are struggling with fatigue and poor mental health. 

High numbers of C-suite executives report significant difficulty finding enough time for friends and family (65%); and getting at least 7 hours of sleep (68%). They are also challenged by exercising each day (74%);and starting or stopping working at a reasonable time (76%). According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, over 832 CEOs left their jobs since July 2022. Is the quality of our life increasingly becoming more important to all of us?

Rocking the Boat

But here’s another question to consider; is this really about mental health? And why are there so many experts writing about the four-steps to solving and fixing this increasing problem without examining its root cause?

Maybe more and more of us are looking at these coveted roles and having buyers’ regret? Perhaps it’s simply not worth the stress of the politics involved in achieving success, and then needing to constantly secure our position? Why? Because there is no there to get there. It’s a constant maneuvering of toxic cultures and egos. And where does life fit in all of this insanity? 

While there is non-stop talk of vulnerability and authenticity, as a senior executive, there is a lot of pretense. And more and more of us are realizing that success in corporate life entails not being real. The reality is that we hide our true emotions and play the power game. 

So, why are people leaving? Because we no longer stand behind slogans and false expectations. We can no longer spend our lives participating in the politics. And quite frankly, not being able to show up as who we are and speak our truth is a game changer. There are healthier choices to be made right now. And we are stepping into our power and choosing what matters most.

Sparks of Trekking into the Unknown

Trekking into the unknown is becoming very real. We are breaking away from societal conditioning and becoming the leaders we need. Our intentions are heart based and we are ready to spark and leap into the unknown. Because the known is no longer viable for our wellbeing.

This is an era of conscious leadership where meaning is at the heart of everything. People of all ages are choosing simplicity and are starting not to buy into the pretense. Our entire health matters and we need holistic approaches. It’s critical to take care of ourselves. We need to check in and stay grounded in our bodies.

Over the next ten years, there will be significant shifts with more people caring about our wellbeing and making choices that matter to us and those we love. Being connected to the Earth, our hearts and communities will matter more than any societal status or prestigious title.

There are no slogans or gimmicks where we are headed. Because we don’t really need them when we have open communication, deep trust and connection to ourselves and each other. In a world of purposeful creators, there is dialogue and connection to the source of everything.

Contributing and making a difference is becoming increasingly important and not lip service. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we were able to have open forums to explore possibilities of what truly sparks us?

Poet Mary Oliver reminds us to “keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.” Healthy stories are ready to be authored and created by us. Sparks of curiosity are ready to be unleashed as we love life more and more deeply each day and give ourselves permission to play on this beautiful natural planet of ours.

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