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Jan 10, 2023 | Daily Trek, F*ck the Bucket List

What We Adopt - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What We Adopt

There is freedom in the attitude we choose to adopt—it can free us or imprison our soul. What if our attitude determines much of our days and nights?

Operating in the field of the unknown relies on the inner knowing, as things that have been taken away are restored. But in different ways. The new can’t come in when we are not free from the past. Can we make space and release what is anchored in the past to live in the here and now?

In endings, there are attitudes that no longer serve us. We  can find the courage to step into the void in which everything is possible.

Yesterday, someone shared that his 18-year old daughter learned a great deal after being sent to prison for a night. She could no longer handle her mother’s judgement, anger and addiction, and ended up physically lashing out at her. He also shared that learning to control his own emotions was foundational to let go of the past. And he is now here unconditionally for his daughter as she steps into healing and making space for a healthy reality. Dialogue continues to be key as the channels are opened.

And what if one of our wildest opportunities is to adopt a healthy attitude and outlook to create the life we really deserve? Taking our anger or wounds with us everywhere we go serves no one. For that reason, the attitude we choose colors our world.

The Mindset We Adopt is Key

No one knows what the future holds. Can we indeed find comfort in trusting whatever evolves? There are so many opportunities to remain open, curious, and blaze unknown trails. With a ton of deep knowing, there’s always a way for powerful creators to co-create new, healthy ways of living and working.

And in this moment, can we simply be a doorway and the bridge for others to walk through? If we’re a parent, can we show up for our kids in our humanity? Can we simply engage in open conversations and unleash curiosity and imagination? When we begin our own practice  and walk our talk fully, what will we create? And wouldn’t it be freeing to cut the cords with past conditioning and adopt trusted ways to connect and play? 

While there are millions of  “how to” books, workshops and experts on everything in life, no one knows much of anything. Every one of us has our own story to experience. Maybe it’s time to simply connect with our own voice and stop this insanity of believing our answers are outside ourselves?

Inner authenticity cannot be seen by others; it’s a practice that shines through us. We’re meant to use our inner guidance to navigate through these times. 

When our hearts are not into something, we can either find a way to ignite our passion, or let stuff go. Are you saying yes to someone when you’d prefer to say no? Could that someone sometimes also be yourself?

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