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Where We Need to Be

Jul 16, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Right Where We Need to Be - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Are We Where We Need to Be?

What if we’re all where we need to be? Even if it’s hard to understand why.  A true adventure of the heart is opening up for each of us.Perhaps it’s also about a shared evolution.

We each play a role and it affects us in different ways. We go through cycles of breakdowns and breakthroughs. These can lead to more awareness or more suffering. How we respond is up to us. It’s a choice we make—to grow and evolve by becoming aware or resist and fight by staying stuck.

Some hear a call, an inner voice guiding us. This call prompts us to question ourselves, leading us on a quest for truth.

Our modern world, full of crises, breaking news, and increasing divisiveness, tries to trap us. But it also pushes us towards holistic self-work. It teaches us to engage with life daily, not escape from it.

Tough circumstances confront us, demanding a choice. Our reaction to these challenging times rests solely in our hands. And there is a cost for inaction and staying in the status quo.

Despite darkness, we learn to turn on our own switch, creating pockets of grace.

Where We Need to Be

Healing our body involves four aspects: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual:

  • Physically, we look after our bodies and be responsible for what we consume; knowing the source of everything.
  • Emotionally, we heal our wounds and traumas that are stored deep in our bodies.
  • Mentally, we learn about our world and deprogram our conditioned minds. We let ourselves out of the prison of the mind.
  • Spiritually, we connect with our true selves and align with our calling, mission and will.

These aspects all connect and influence each other. They aren’t linear steps, but an intertwined process.

When we become clearer, our creative power increases. This is the real secret of creation. This process is different for each of us, and resistance will come. But each challenge is just another lesson.

What if life’s uncertainties and challenges don’t deter us? Because we’re all where we need to be, journeying through our unique paths. And the  universe sends us a clear message: we must learn to be grounded in our bodies and take impeccable care of our health.

And as we grow and share, there is no division but rather our networks multiply, expanding our reach.

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