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Which Opportunity Are You Creating?

Sep 1, 2021 | Conscious Leadership

Which Opportunity are You Creating - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Which Opportunity Are You Creating?

The beauty of life is in the living. And living fully allows us to color with whatever crayon or emotion we ourselves choose to experiment with.

But today, success is a story told by some force outside of ourselves of what we must achieve while we are here. What no one tells us as kids is that life is messy and growing up is overrated.

We have created and brought apps into our lives that unconsciously instruct us on how we should live our lives. We allow them to track our goals, achievements and even our deep moments of silence and meditation. We celebrate every time we hit the daily goal of 10,000 steps without always fully feeling into our physical body. There’s always some goal that we must achieve with clear intentions but what if this is a limiting belief that keeps us stuck? But who dare question the accepted way of life?

What’s happening behind many closed doors today is a realization that there’s more to life than we were led to believe. I am hearing more and more people admitting that their way of life is “destroying my soul.” There are more people at very senior levels of organizations who are choosing to leave because they no longer feel this need to succeed when their soul is weeping for meaning and a way to help people.

There is a deep responsibility, which has been overlooked for decades in the race to climb the corporate ladder of success, that is emerging about the role we are each here to play.

Every time I tell someone that I fired myself, they smile and either ask if they can use my “line” or share that they wish they had the ability to do so. This makes me increasingly sad to know that we have constructed jobs and work as places that many people want to leave. The surveys continuously report the increasing lack of engagement but the headline news continues to report the best places to work and focus on growth. And the silence between these two realities is deafening.

But What if There is Another Way?

When we spend most of our time making a living and prepare our children to be successful, we lose part of ourselves. We can stay mired in this problem or we can take a pause, a breath, a reflection, and examine the root cause of this situation or belief as a first step. Understanding our beliefs and becoming aware of where they originate is key.

What you will most likely find are beliefs and conditioning that have been deeply planted inside of you. And there was probably a high cost when you questioned anything. Were you not taught to distinguish between right and wrong from an early age so you could be compliant and obedient?

No parent ever wants their children to embarrass or shame them — the goal so far has been to be a proud parent or grandparent. And, who wants to shame their parents by marrying the wrong person, or not getting an education?

The bar of expectations is high and it instills a need to suffer to succeed. We must comply and follow the rules since someone outside ourselves knows us better than we know ourselves. Or is this just a story passed down from generation to generation?

What happens when you go to the root cause of your own suffering? Why do we get to a point where we feel we are destroying our souls? And do we blame anyone or begin to take accountability and responsibility for our choices?

This sense of meaning we desire is within us. There is no one outside ourselves that can instruct us on what it is. It is a journey of a lifetime to learn to be ourselves and untangle from whatever no longer serves us.

When we choose to release what is no longer needed while keeping what still works, we allow the life we want to come into being.

There is another way. You can meet your fears, limiting beliefs, heal any trauma, do your inner work and make space for what’s possible at each intersection you face. And it’s not a question of a choice made based on right or wrong but a meeting place of fully understanding what and who drains you and what and who lifts and supports you. It’s an opportunity to see what’s working and what no longer serves your highest and best interest.

You no longer need to sit on the fence and wait for the wind to knock you down. You can meet your problems and challenges at the intersection of opportunities and possibilities. This is the moment you have been waiting for to be a pioneer and change the course of history.

Is it a smooth path ahead or does it have twists and turns like life itself? As you are human, you come equipped with many emotions. At any point, you may find yourself sliding back into a trap or being seduced by the unconscious darkness and fear that still haunts and surrounds us in the physical world.

But you no longer have to fight for your life and feel defeated when you are marching to your own heartbeat. You know it’s time to create your own music as you went deep into your heart center, connected them to your mind, and opened up so many opportunities to live a healthy life.

Is it time for you to speak up, stand up, and explore the edges by trekking into the unknown?

Which Opportunity Are You Creating?


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