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Why is Our World So Beautiful?

Aug 3, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Why is the World So Beautiful? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Why is Our World So Beautiful?

Why is our world so beautiful?” This is a question we can ask ourselves more often. The beauty of the world doesn’t only exist in the stunning sunsets or the green, rolling hills, it’s also alive within us. We can choose how we see our surroundings. And it’s up to us to choose to see doom, gloom, and fear, or we open our hearts and minds to our natural beauty.

Just like the wind knows the balance of the leaves, just like the rivers follow the curves of the earth, just like the birds sing about the frequency of life, we too understand this balance. We are in sync with this rhythm of life, knowing that everything is alive. We are not just observing; we are the beauty.

Fear often overshadows our innate connection with the world. We might resort to technology and what we can control. But when we peel back these layers, the world awaits us in all its wild and expansive glory. This world, full of unstruck gates, is a testament to the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

The song of the wild resonates in our hearts, allowing us to dream of a future where fear does not dictate our actions. We dare to imagine new possibilities, crafting a future that aligns with our hopes and dreams.

The world is full of decisions to be made, full of challenges to be faced. Yet, we also carry the strength of many generations within us. This strength is not just a testament to our resilience but also a reminder of our ability to change our course at any given point.

Stepping into Our Rhythm

There’s an old idea that we need a “Chief Consciousness Officer.” This role outsources our consciousness. And this is so out of date. It ignores the power we each have.

We are building a new era. Each of us plays a key role. We are each responsible for our own health.And for respecting nature. It’s a shared purpose.

In this era of increasing AI, the emphasis is not on appointing more bosses, assigning more titles or delegating our leadership. It’s about a collective awakening. It’s about each of us tapping into our inner wisdom, understanding, and engaging with the ancient human technologies of intuition, dialogue, empathy, and compassion.

We are all guardians of our future. We are collectively directing the transformation of our world. It’s not about a single frequency dictated by a single person, but about a collective rhythm that reverberates with our shared consciousness.

Our world is a symphony of life, a dance of existence. Our shared consciousness and shared responsibility form the heartbeat of this symphony. The beauty of our world is not something we delegate to others to appreciate and preserve. Instead, each of us steps up, tunes into the world’s rhythm, and becomes a conscious participant in our collective future.

Our emerging world calls for collective consciousness. What if there is a beautiful way of being and imagining ourselves, our systems, our organizations and society?

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”—Albert Einstein

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