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Work Near Home

Nov 10, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Work Near Home - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Work Near Home

Work Near Home signals a shift in how we live, highlighting wellbeing and community growth. We’re discovering the advantages of working near home, using technology, and adapting to new work culture changes.

Despite WeWork’s bankruptcy, local co-working spaces are thriving, now with a stronger focus on community. if WeWork had remained true to the fundamental principles of co-working—focusing more on the wellbeing and interests of employees, members, and local community stakeholders, and less on the global aspirations of its founder—the company might be in a much stronger position today.

But the sector is resilient and capable of growth. The co-working industry, rooted in community, collaboration, and support for local ecosystems, has a solid foundation and a promising future, independent of the successes or failures of any single company like WeWork.

Work Near Home came about as an answer to the old 9-to-5 office grind that often hurt our health and happiness. People wanted to leave behind stressful commutes and tight office spaces. This change is more than just a new work spot; it’s a fresh view on what work means in our lives.

At its core, Work Near Home recognizes that where we are affects how we feel and think. Working close to home means being in a place that’s more relaxed and familiar. This reduces stress and boosts wellbeing. It creates spaces where doing well at work goes hand in hand with personal growth, leading to a healthier, more united world.

Escape Gridlock: Work Near Home

This way of living breathes new life to more than our workplaces; it’s crafting a lifestyle where work blends smoothly with life, enhancing health and energizing local communities. Companies adopting this approach see healthier employees who stay longer. They understand that the same solution doesn’t work for everyone.

Work Near Home also breathes new life into local economies. As we spend more time nearby, businesses and communities grow. We see this in local co-working spaces like Patch, TownSq, Oru Space and the new Work in Cholas (WIC). These aren’t just offices; they’re community hubs with amenities and events for everyone. They make traditional workspaces into inclusive, community-supportive places.

This shift is all about turning workspaces into lively community hubs. They offer varied amenities and host events, strengthening local communities and improving our health. In this fresh setting, we focus on creating, not just structuring, leading to collaborations and community ties that were hard to form in isolated office environments.

These places provide opportunities to work, or just connect, playing a crucial role in nurturing healthy lives.

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