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Your View of the World: Is It Real or Man-Made?

Apr 29, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Your View of the World: Is It Real or Man-Made? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Your view of the world: is it man-made or real?

The option to straddle the old ways while tentatively exploring the new no longer exists. We can no longer keep one toe in the toxic world and another in creating the healthy world.

With all the so called progress and “education” we have created, maybe we have lost the plot? Why are we seeing so many attack and judge without any knowledge of why they’re outraged? And even more simply repeat slogans that divide? The old man-made constructs need us to fight and be right, which is spreading like wildfire. But the sad part is that so many have no clue what they are actually fighting for or against.

Looks like if there were tests like in our mind numbing education systems, most would not be right in the mind. It’s like Wetiko has become a show on our screens around the world. It’s playing out right under our noses and maybe even in our minds!

Take, for example, a person in New York who feels they grasp the essence of rural India from Bollywood films, while a person from India might form their impression of New York from episodes of Sex and the City and Friends. But these fictional, man-made, surface-level perceptions are not real. And fiction spreads faster than truth these days. Have you been to India and New York? It is not a television or movie set.

To transcend this, maybe we need less groupthink and the comfort of anonymity within crowds and echo chambers. Instead, we connect around questions and understanding the root of our division. This involves the courage to share our stories and understand our lived experiences. I remember connecting young girls from Nigeria, Toronto and New York on a Telepresence. Initially, there was awkwardness but after some conversation, the girls became aware how much they shared when it came to their spirit and curiosity.

It only requires a small number of us—about one percent—focusing on tangible creations to ripple the broader insanity significantly. True innovation flourishes not merely through thought but by actively trying new approaches. Not more talk, slides and presentations. It takes effort, imagination and courage.

In our fast food culture, the ultimate refreshment comes from slowing down, paying close attention, and embracing moments of stillness. These changes enable us to concentrate on what’s truly important, unlocking new possibilities for healthier innovations that usher in healthy societies. No longer feeding the man-made machine.

As I write this, I hear the song For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield

There’s battle lines being drawn
And nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong…

A thousand people in the street (ooh-ooh-ooh)
Singin’ songs and a-carryin’ signs (ooh-ooh-ooh)
Mostly say “Hooray for our side” (ooh-ooh-ooh)

This is as old as time. But when we fight the system we become the system. Nothing changes except for history repeating itself with the same documentaries; same story, different year.

But we no longer have the option to keep one foot in the old ways while tentatively testing the new. No one is coming to save us from ourselves. As soon as 1% of creators step forward, we’ll realize that heaven isn’t a distant realm, but a present reality we create and inhabit every day.

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