Ayelet Baron

Author · Healer · Global Futurist

Ayelet Baron

Author · Healer · Global Futurist

Through masterfully facilitated guided sessions, books and talks, Ayelet Baron assists people around the globe in their transition to living a healthy life. Recognized as one of the top 50 global female futurists by Forbes, she has been described as a force of nature when it comes to envisioning a more humane world. Her work has been inspired by futurist Buckminster Fuller, who reminds us that “We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims.”

After a very successful career in the Silicon Valley as a global strategist working in every corner of the world, Ayelet chose to  write the books she wished had when she started on her journey of becoming a conscious architect. Ayelet is passionate about driving sustainable change and being of service to the next generation of healthy creators. She now offers guidance to those who are ready to trek into the unknown through her writing, guided sessions and custom project work.
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She is a designer + strategist dedicated to the evolution of the next generation of conscious leaders. Integrating humanities, behavioral science and evolutionary strategy, she envisions a world where people matter and business plays a greater role in societal value. She has worked with leaders within Fortune 100 organizations, leading NGOs and startups. Ayelet has been designing experiences, keynote speaking, and facilitating leadership sessions for decades and has worked in over 100 countries as a global technology executive.

What makes her approach unique, is her personal story of seeking the truth. To that extent, she has worked to gain clarity and ground herself in the reality of doing the right thing for herself and her community. She shares her story openly so others can learn from her lessons and apply it to themselves.

Ayelet was a strategic consultant to Genius 100 Visions, Inspired by Albert Einstein, a purpose driven community uniting 100 global Visionaries from the Chair, Astronaut Soichi Noguchi, to Colonel Chris Hadfield, Marc Benioff, Sir Ridley Scott, Sir Ken Robinson, Paul Allen, Paulo Coelho, and additional Visionaries. Ayelet was the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for Cisco, co-creating a strategy to take Canada to the second largest revenue country. She also helped the global mobile business in 2003, and held several positions in sales strategy around the world. Ayelet was the first Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Cisco in Emerging Markets and also served on the IT Senior Executive team where she helped position IT as a strategic business partner.  Prior to Cisco, she had a rich consulting background and also worked as a public opinion pollster.


Facilitating Collaboration

Ayelet is an intuitive guide in bringing people together to have open dialogue, first with themselves, and then with others. Bringing back ancient practices that focus on experiencing life through dialogue circles and ancient listening practices is key to her own purpose on the planet. While she has been a successful keynote speaker, today her dream is to help drive connection, trusted relationships and results through dialogue.

Creating Community

Ayelet has been a driving force in building communities that generate dialogue and connection around a shared intention or goal. She is a master facilitator who brings people together to create the impossible. She launched the first internal community at Cisco in 1999, which failed because people were not ready to openly collaborate then, and has taken the lessons to help people today create meaningful communities of action.

My Transformational Journey

I have had a very successful traditional corporate career. Over the years, I’ve managed large global teams, and my journey has taken me from global boardrooms in Silicon Valley, London and Singapore to partnering with conscious leaders like my former Cisco colleague and friend, Hital Muraj, who was recognized by Usher’s New Look Foundation for Global Youth Leadership highlighting her incredible collaborative work across East Africa. My last job at Cisco was as Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Cisco Canada, where I helped Canada move from the sixth largest revenue country to second, with two billion dollars in revenue. I held many different roles, which always focused on architecting disruptive strategies that make organizations and leaders extremely successful. Often, at my own personal expense.

In 2014, I was invited to the Amazon Rainforest by my friend Marilyn Nagel to join Lynne Twist—founder of The Soul of Money Foundation and co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance—as well as seventeen remarkable women from around the world, including maternal health pioneer, Arlene Samen, and singer song-writer, Sara Lovell. It was part of the Jungle Mamas program designed to eliminate all preventable deaths in pregnancy and childbirth of Achuar mothers and babies, and to improve community health by empowering Achuar women and communities with the tools needed to be their own agents of change

Visiting the Amazon Rainforest was never on my bucket list. But it allowed me to see the global impact on the rainforests firsthand and the pivotal need for action to help sustain a rapidly diminishing environment. I was struck by the magnitude of how the corporate world had lost its way, and I saw a deep need for healthier leadership to plant its roots in the ancient wisdom around the themes of shared purpose, harmony, integration, and holistic wellbeing. Read More

I realized this trip was asking me to find the courage to discover my own path and say goodbye to a lifestyle I was conditioned to tolerate and embrace, and instead step into my own power to imagine and create a healthier life for myself. A path with greater meaning and purpose, one that might encourage a transformational impact across the world, accompanied by those ready to create on the edges, outside of the chaotic mainstream.

I have lived in four countries, so far, and was blessed to work in over one hundred countries throughout my career. Making the move to live in nature in December of 2016, on the sunshine coast of British Columbia, reminded me that we are part of nature. It showed me the deep separation most of us have experienced at the expense of unnatural progress and inflated innovation. I realized that there wasn’t a universal manual or guide for each of us and that I could no longer live off someone else’s manual of success. 

The choices I made after the trip to the Amazon were never easy, but rarely is the School of Life easy—and that was an important lesson in itself. I no longer cared about what was easy or hard by someone else’s standards. I knew that unless I went on my own journey, I would never know what life was about for me. There was no book or person in the world to guide me, no matter how much I looked and sought them out. Too often, the people I brought into my life were not who they said they were as their actions did not match their words. They had sound philosophies but at the end of the day, we would part ways because their wisdom only lay in their words. Life was here to teach me and became the most important relationship I could ever have. If I refused to learn from people because I didn’t agree with everything they had ever said and done, then I would never learn from anyone.

Like any great adventure, there have been some tough times and some amazing times that have taught me and guided me along this path. I’ve been blessed to speak at numerous corporate Fortune 500 companies and share my experience and knowledge with executives and employees to help inspire transformational change. I was a bit naïve in my passion to not have people fire themselves from their corporate jobs, like I did, but to make work more meaningful and purposeful. I came in with a message that the next big wave is not some human-imagined technology but humanity itself. 

I could envision, and wrote a book (insert link) about a different world where we worked together with the true purpose of the organization instead of the endless internal battles that take place in offices around the world—during good times as well as the not-so-good times. I could imagine non-profits going away because they met the goal of their cause, integrated into communities and were no longer needed, instead of being drawn into the illusion of continued growth. 

I could see a world where conscious leaders lead with a trusted community, and built strong foundations to support why we existed, which sparked generations of people who wanted to feel valued. My speaking engagements at various retail, technology, pharmaceutical, biotech, finance, non-profit, and public sector gatherings have all drawn the same conclusion: We as individuals are our own amazing App that needs to be downloaded and applied. The next big wave is humanity taking impeccable care of all living beings on this beautiful planet of ours.

What I learned is that it’s not about who is the best company, who has the best practices, who has the best life, and who is the most successful—to rinse and repeat their five-step process to success—but rather that it’s about encouraging and stimulating independent thinkers. It’s about developing conscious creators who adopt critical thinking into constructive strategies, creating our own values and protocols for the collective good. It’s not about searching for someone else’s “secret sauce.” It’s about creating our own “sauce” that works for us because we know our minds and hearts.

Awards, Recognition & Communities

Past Board Member, One Heart Worldwide https://www.oneheartworldwide.org/

Cisco Leadership Fellow, Nethope https://nethope.org/

Advisor, Global Deeds https://www.globaldeeds.com/

Global Advisory Circle,Sansori http://sansori.org/global-advisory-circle/

Past Board Member, Goal4 http://goal4.org/

Past Board Member, Strategic Leadership Forum, Washington, DC

Past Global Board Director, International Association of Business Communicators https://www.iabc.com/

Past President, International Association of Business Communicators, Toronto https://toronto.iabc.com/

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