“We are being called to be the architects of the future. It’s our time to create what we need most.”

Hi, I’m Ayelet Baron.

I’m a straight shooter who tells it as it is without any need to sugarcoat the truth. Asking questions and listening are my specialties and after thousands and thousands of hours of deep conversations and research, I am one of the first global female futurists to make us aware that the future is human—and not get entangled with the traps and seductions of leading only with the latest technology. The magic truly happens when we create whole systems and lives that integrate technology. Value creation is always at the core.

The next five years are about understanding how to lead with strategic insight on People + Perspective + Outcomes. Our future depends on it. I bring a keen ability to help you not only face challenges and problems but to transform them into your biggest opportunities. And, seeing possibilities changes everything.

As an early adopter of the future of work and leading global remote teams, I saw what was coming next, the business and cultural shifts that organizations and leaders would need to embody to be positioned for success in this century and beyond. Many of those predictions are happening NOW.

We now offer customized talks, and treks (workshops), as well as books, to guide individuals and organizations to facilitate open dialogue around what’s next, specifically over the next five years.

If you’re looking for my bio, you can download it or connect with me on LinkedIn. I am sharing here how our paths can cross and what is possible here.

What Path Are You Taking?

In the midst of a very successful career as a global strategy executive at Cisco Systems, I went through my own transformation. After several life-altering experiences, I realized that the old paradigm no longer worked for me. I made the bold decision to fire myself and started to question everything.

Along this trek into the unknown, the universe and I wrote the F❤️ck the Bucket List book trilogy because we decided that had we partnered up sooner, my journey towards becoming a conscious architect of humanity would have been much simpler.

And you, are you finding yourself at a busy intersection? While there are so many problems to contend with in today’s world, they are almost all man-made. That is how powerful we truly are. We created businesses (and are still using frameworks from 1911), taxation, financial systems, healthcare, government, entertainment, depression, loneliness and so much more. The glass you drink your favorite beverage came from someone’s imagination, as did the smartphone, artificial intelligence, airplanes, the Metaverse, and social media.

We find ourselves at this busy intersection and there are choices to be made. We can choose to continue to barrel down the path from the past or trek into the unknown and trust our internal compass to create our biggest opportunities.

We were born for these times and the question is who and what is calling you when you realize no one has your answers and it’s time to question everything.

And I am here to partner with you if you are ready to let go and explore possibilities. Years ago when I served on the IT Executive team at Cisco, I partnered with Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, to develop a global Business Partnership program. The most critical takeaway from our work together was to never outsource your core. What he meant by that is that whatever is mission-critical to your business should be at your core and never done by any outside expert or body.

As I went through my own transformation, this timeless wisdom echoed into what it means to be a conscious leader and becoming aware that leadership is not outside ourselves. And I realized that we have always been taught to trust everyone else before trusting ourselves. In many ways, we have been conditioned to outsource our core and questions to an authority figure or partner who not always could be trusted.

So if you find yourself questioning and feeling alone, please reach out. Engaging in conscious conversations is one of my favorite ways to spend time

Is it Time to Invest in Yourself?

Strength comes from facing our challenges and moving away from the norm by transforming them into our greatest opportunities. When we can look at a challenge and examine its root cause, we take a step toward self-awareness and mastery.

I wrote the F*ck the Bucket List trilogy because I wish I had these books when I first embarked on my journey. Women and men of all ages have reached out to me and shared that the books were medicine and binoculars for their souls.

Many share that they find it challenging, and even impossible, to express how they truly feel without being judged as crazy or ungrateful. “Your book articulates my feelings in a way that I cannot even express and makes me feel not only sane but grounded. I don’t know what’s next for me but your book has forced me to contemplate several questions and look within.”
Most importantly is what’s ahead: what impact can we have together?

Plato guides us that the key is to begin. So, are you ready to connect and explore what’s possible for you in navigating the future? 

Heartfelt Impact and Reach

“I love Ayelet’s energy and passion. She exudes it, and I knew it the moment I met her. It’s no wonder I’m drawn to her.”

“You are doing a beautiful job. You’re my favorite presenter so far because you are so frank and clear. There’s no veneer! Thank you.”

“Thank you for the inspiring session today! It is really time for all of us to think about what our purpose is, what gives joy to our hearts, and take the next step. Sometimes we do not realize how strong we are and how far we have come in following our heart, but it takes a talk like today to appreciate us and believe we ARE enough.”

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