Finding Courage to Trek into the Unknown

Leaping Into Possibilities

Ayelet Baron - The Shifts 2022-2027

Is it challenging for you to not only find the time to focus on what’s important to you but to truly be clear on your direction? 

Are you ready to explore and become aware of what’s calling you, and how you want to show up in the world? Are you aware of your “blind” spots?


The Trek

The Finding Courage to Trek into the Unknown Trek explores our ability to truly know ourselves and self-actualize. It’s at the heart of everything.

Have you discovered the wonder that is you?

Flow doesn’t come with resistance. Resistance often shows up as disease and illness that generates stress. Many of the diseases and illnesses we experience come from pushing against the flow of allowing ourselves to simply be. There is healthy stress that challenges our boundaries and comfort zones. It asks us to discern between doing and being.

Key Benefits

This Trek helps you leap into possibilities in three key areas:

  • Soul: Discovering Your Wonder and Awe. Our ability to truly know ourselves and self-actualize is at the heart of everything. Have you discovered the wonder that is you?
  • Adventure: Trekking into the Unknown. Sometimes we need to walk away from what we know and explore what’s possible. Are you ready to trek into the unknown?
  • Health Conscious: Trusting Your Heart. New questions are emerging and they are different for each of us. Are you ready to be health-conscious and trust your heart?

Being curious means allowing ourselves to be in a state of not knowing, and opening ourselves to possibilities, especially when it comes to everything around us. There is so much that is revealed to us when we become truly curious. And we also unleash new truths when we do. You see, once we are aware of something, we cannot not know it, no matter how much we try to ignore it or suppress it.

Trekking into the unknown provides abundant possibilities and opportunities to be who you came here to be.

It’s about being curious about what’s around the bend and exploring with a desire to live a healthy life on this planet.

It’s about becoming aware that our opportunity is to create what we need most by constructing healthy foundations and systems, as well as trusted relationships and communities that lift us up and serve us.

Are you ready to flow with life and trust the currents?

These are truly exciting times but we are being asked to let go of to-do lists and the rat race.

It’s time to first practice empathy, compassion and kindness within ourselves so we can choose wisely and leap into possibilities. 

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Finding Courage to Trek into the Unknown

Leaping into Possibilities

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