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Whether you’re 25, 105, or somewhere in between, many of us are searching for meaning, purpose, and community in our lives. We can’t quite place our finger on what’s missing — yet we’re restless and know there’s something more.

Perhaps this journey is new for you. Or maybe you’ve been traveling this road for a while, but haven’t found what you’re seeking.

I know what this is like because I’ve traveled this road myself. Along the way I found myself wishing I had a book, a person, something, to make trekking into the unknown easier.

And the F❤️ck Your Bucket List trilogy is here to help you examine your questions and look within to discover your wonder, trek into the unknown and trust your heart.

 The F❤️ck Your Bucket List Trilogy

When I trekked into the unknown, there was no book or person in the world to guide me, no matter how much I looked and sought them out. Life was here to teach me and it became the most important relationship I could ever have.

As you work towards learning who you are at the core and unlock your calling, you must be willing to make conscious choices, that can mean leaving things and even people behind as you create an intentional life that brings joy, peace, and meaning.

The multi-award-winning F❤️ck the Bucket List trilogy first guides you on a journey of deep reflection and discovery to uncover the wonder that is you. Then book 2 takes you deep into the adventures of trekking into the unknown. And in book 3 the incredible shared stories guide you to learn to trust your own heart and become a dynamic creator of your life.

Are you ready to join us on the adventure of a lifetime? Why go it alone?

F❤️ck the Bucket List for the Soul

F*ck the Bucket List for the Adventurer: Trekking into the Unknown by Ayelet Baron

F❤️ck the Bucket List for the Adventurer

F❤️ck the Bucket List for the Health Conscious

Also by Ayelet Baron

Our Journey to Corporate Sanity:

Transformational Stories from the Frontiers of 21st Century Leadership

The prevailing mindset in business, which values profit above well-being and the environment that sustains us, is insane. Creating a healthy, humane world requires more than new organizational models that merely shift the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

We need to entirely re-imagine the nature of business, work and life. In our Journey to Corporate Sanity, leading business pioneers serve as guides as they share their transformational stories and their contributions to creating a profitable, beautiful and humane world. We can draw from their collective wisdom to help us chart our own journey to a new mindset of 21st century leadership.

Available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, Indiebound, Bookshop, AppleGoogle Play, and Kobo Store.

Dear CEO:

50 Personal Letters from the World’s Leading Business Leaders

According to Ayelet Baron and Jamie Anderson, people in the C-Suite are questioning whose dream they have been living. There is nothing wrong with career success. But the responsibilities that accompany high achievement in most organizations place an overwhelming emphasis on loyalty to the institution ahead of wider life goals. 

Dear CEO is a Thinkers360 book that offers guidance from a who’s who of global management experts. Written by respected business thinkers around the world, these 50 letters provide guidance, wisdom and personal insight into the particular challenges facing the business world today and anyone in a senior position.

Available on Amazon.

Heartfelt Impact and Reach

“I’m listening to your book on audible. I’m finding myself nodding and saying yes to everything!”

“Really like your voice in the book. It’s personal, real, sober and yet optimistic and inviting. Well done! I am quite impressed with your prolificness. Not just one but three books in one year… Wow…”

“I felt that many people need to hear your message now and that it offers just the focused empowerment to anyone who is on the cusp of change. Pioneering.

“If you are someone who is beginning to question everything, and maybe feeling very lost and confused as you do so in this new stage of your life, I highly recommend this book. It’s a map, a guidepost, and a bright shining light that will help ease the journey into the, as yet, unformed future ahead.”

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