The Great Questioning

The Impact of Becoming Conscious Creators

Ayelet Baron - The Shifts 2022-2027

Many are calling it The Great Resignation or The Great Shuffle.

In reality, what we are truly facing now is one of the biggest opportunities of our time to create what we need.  

The Trek

The Great Questioning Trek is calling us to consider: what is our own responsibility in becoming conscious creators who live whole and meaningful lives? 

An increasing number of people of all ages are starting to question everything and re-evaluating life and work.

What are the new possibilities that are emerging? And why are they so connected to Nature and universal wisdom?

Key Benefits

Many shifts are taking place and more people want to live a life of deep meaning and connection that requires us to work and live differently.

In this Trek, we will examine: 

  • What can we shift over the next five years so we can all thrive?
  • Not only are individuals making shifts but organizations will need to transform as more and more people step into their power and take personal accountability. How are you responding?
  • Can you imagine working with communities of conscious creators, instead of workers and laborers? 

And most importantly, what are people around you questioning and how can you best engage in the shifts that are needed to answer them? 

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The Impact of Becoming Conscious Creators

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