This world, as we know it, is coming apart at the seams and is fraying. Old ways of living and working are no longer viable, and, as they collapse, healthier, more evolved ways of being are birthed. This will happen as more of us question why things are being done as they have been. Then, we can examine the answers and see which opportunities truly resonate.

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What is a Futurist for Humanity?

There are an increasing number of amazing futurists in the world helping guide us. Many are focused on digital transformation, the Metaverse, transhumanism and new technologies. 

Currently, very few futurists go beyond the status quo and experiment on the human side of what it means to truly collaborate, build trust, conscious communication flows, sustainable communities and so much more.  

It’s time to question why we have become so focused on progress when at the same time, we are not taking impeccable care of ourselves, each other and our planet. 

This is where I come in, as a Futurist for Humanity, my mission is to help us see that there is a healthy way to live and work when we come together and co-create what is most needed. 

While I love technology and spent a great deal of my time working in the Silicon Valley, it’s time to integrate technology and not lead with it. 

The future is human.  

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Who do We Work With?

We partner with conscious leaders, organizations and individuals who are imagining and building healthier sustainable futures. We love creating with people who are curious about what’s possible and are willing to take a leap into the emerging world. True collaboration is available but it takes a lot of letting go of old practices and an ability to create true shared purpose where communication flows. Everything is customized based on needs and we have a trusted community we can bring with us depending on the trek and scope.

If you are looking for someone to partner with and dive deep into your strategy and how it can benefit from a human approach then I’d love to hear from you. The next five years are critical and we can collaborate on what it means for you.  

How Do We Get Started?

It all starts with a timeless technology called dialogue. You reach out to me in whatever method works for you and we jump on a video chat, for example, to understand your needs and questions. Depending on the needs, one of my partners may join us.  We listen deeply and make sure we understand what you need. And when there’s a healthy fit, we get started by exploring what you need-—from a talk to a trek into the unknown. Always with a focus on People + Planet + Impact. 

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What are Timeless Technologies?

Innovation is all around us and isn’t just what lifts the stock market and makes shareholders financially rich. We have heart-filled people on the planet imagining the next wave of education, health, agriculture, food security, fashion, community, mental health, and so much more.

And to create, we tap into timeless technologies that are already here and available to each of us, some of which include trust, awareness, empathy, kindness, dialogue, relationships and community. 

When we go back to timeless technologies, we can breathe again and find answers within us. We have yet to have true social networks that promote a flow of dialogue,  trusted relationships and community. But they are coming as these timeless technologies are at the heart of everything in a human world. 

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Why Are the Next 5 Years Important?

An increasing number of people of all ages are making conscious choices about their lives, where work is just part of the bigger equation. The next five years are foundational in rewiring organizations and leadership for what is coming. The old ways of work are breaking apart and instead of fixing them, it’s time for a healthier path forward. 

2022 is the Year of Choice, it will provide opportunities to make healthy choices about the very fabric of your life. And as you start shining light on your darkness, through massive unlearning you will become clear on what to focus on.

By the end of 2023, anyone who is doing inner work will be ready to truly understand why you are here.

Then 2023-2026 will require you to trek into the unknown and experiment and practice new ways of living and working.

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Ayelet Baron - The Shifts 2022-2027

What Is The Great Questioning?

When we honor ourselves and each other, the economy will also flourish in ways we didn’t think possible. We will finally open our hearts to understanding that values are not just a list of attributes we talk about. The Great Questioning allows us to break the patterns of the past, and never look back.

The Great Questioning will change everything and help level the playing field as we realize what is not working and make the changes.

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How is the Great Questioning Related to the Great Resignation?

The idea of what work means is changing and the pandemic brought this to the forefront. People experienced that work does not need to be solely about making a living to pay the bills. Work could have meaning and be part of a more balanced lifestyle.  

There is an increasing realization that employees bring as much value to organizations and we not only need to be compensated fairly but the quality of our life matters. This is part of the shift we’ll experience over the next five years from division to wholeness, which requires us to make conscious choices and embrace personal responsibility. 

Over the next few years, our relationship with life, and work, will change dramatically. We are experiencing The Great Questioning, not just the Great Resignation. As we become more aware of the importance of jobs and professions that have not gotten much attention in our past, our entire way of living will transform.

Forward-thinking organizations that embrace change and are ahead of the shifts will be part of the future of business.

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What Are Earth Regenerators?

Joe Brewer is a pioneer in our world, who launched a community of Earth Regenerators, a study group for restoring planetary health and avoiding human extinction. 

“This is a gathering place for people who would like to participate in the Design Institute for Regenerating Earth. We come from many walks of life, live all over the world, and are unified in our passion for dedicating ourselves to the healing of landscapes and preservation of Earth’s biosphere.

DIRE is a project of the Center for Applied Cultural Evolution and is built on the principles of gift economy — meaning all are welcome to join for free and you can support our work if you feel so inclined by making one-time or monthly donations.”

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What is Conscious Leadership?

A conscious leader serves a greater purpose and contributes to the greater good in business and life. 

Conscious leaders are moving away from the false belief that you are two separate people, your professional self (work), and your personal self (life). There is only one person, and one flow of life, which happens to include working.

They are clear on the purpose their life serves, and they are able to fuse it with business.

They connect with people at a core level and understand the importance of trust and relationships in every part of their life.

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What is Conscious Communication?

Being a conscious leader means recognizing that everything you do has an impact on the people around you. You have high self-awareness and are in tune with your feelings, thoughts, and actions on this journey. Leaders who deal with fears and insecurities push through to the other side with clarity and confidence to uncover the beauty of bringing people together around a higher purpose. 

Conscious leaders are guided to serve with compassion, and care about the impact they create by truly engaging and driving shared purpose. They learn to trust themselves and others on the journey as far as possible, and they recognize the need to heal the broken trust in various organizations.

Conscious Communication is our ability to clearly and compassionately communicate with ourselves and others. By being aware of our needs, and those of people around us, we can practice radical honesty and cut through superficial platitudes. 

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What are Living Systems and Why Do They Matter?

Living systems mean that humans and organizations have ongoing development, learning and expansion. We are never done. 

For example, a company can have a mission, vision and values statements and they are always evolving. Everything that follows a natural cycle includes life and death. When we grow, we naturally change.

And so our systems flow with natural cycles as we evolve. And when we don’t we put unnatural constraints that inhibit our ability to question, we make course corrections, as needed. That’s why when we are truly innovating, some of our greatest breakthroughs happen when we learn from failures. They are often a gift that points us in a healthier direction. 

Innovation, and our imagination, are not meant to be boxed in. Conflict arises when we are constantly fighting, which is why it’s important to have a shared purpose when collaborating and open dialogue that allows us to create together. Otherwise, we are stuck in a box always needing to be right and unable to listen fully to our hearts and each other. 

Living systems are about aligning with nature and giving ourselves permission to dance with possibilities and co-create with purpose and flow. It’s where we are headed when we put our swords down and truly collaborate and partner.  

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What is Return on Impact—the Real ROI?

When it comes to business, we have two key elements: mechanics and dynamics. And we mostly focus on the mechanics and operations of how the business is run. 

Shareholder value for public companies forces reporting Return on Investment (ROI), which includes measuring profitability, growth, efficiency and productivity. In this scenario on a financial spreadsheet, office furniture is considered an asset but people are a liability. Processes are key to creating systemic efficiency and productivity. They do not take into account our human dynamics. 

Return on Impact is where we are headed when we decide to expand our strategy to include the human element at work and integrate it into our operational excellence. People are not machines and life is messy. 

  • Imagine if instead of conflict management, we created a shared purpose to deliver the mission, vision and strategies of the organization?
  • Imagine people had the information, skills, and support to contribute and were also given a runway to learn and not be penalized for failures? 

Return on Impact means integrating metrics that focus on human dynamics from conscious leadership to trusted relationships and communities that take into account communication, trust and whatever elements and values are foundational to an organization. 

What gets measured gets valued and when we only measure the operational side of the business and not its heart, we are simply seeing mechanical “investments.” 

Value creation is everything in the emerging world where trust, relationships and community are the cornerstones of healthy living and working. 

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