Ayelet Baron

Award-winning Author,
Futurist for Humanity

Recognized by Forbes and Thinkers360 as one of the world’s top female futurists

We are living in one of the most exciting times in human history when we choose to see possibilities and are ready to face ourselves. This is a time of dialogue and deep connection so all conversations and interviews to connect, share ideas, and create meaning together are welcome.

Ayelet helps us become aware that there’s another way to live and work by seeding healthy ideas, questioning everything and addressing prickly issues thoughtfully.

She brings fresh perspectives that people are looking for right now on how we can make meaningful shifts together. Bridging timeless wisdom, insights and courage to show the way to what is possible is her forte.

During her corporate career, she ran strategy and operations for billion dollar global sales organizations within Cisco Systems. In 1999, she launched the first internal online community at Cisco and a daily portal to position IT as a strategic business partner.

As an early adopter of the future of work and leading global teams in five continents herself, she saw what was coming next—the business and cultural shifts that organizations and leaders would need to embody to be positioned for success in the 21st Century and beyond. Many of those predictions are happening NOW.

The Treks

Our customized, facilitated conversations and treks serve as a compass to navigate and unlock the path to 2027 and beyond.

Each Trek stands on its own and is tailored to your needs. You may choose to introduce them all to your community. The choice is yours.

Below you will find additional details, recent interviews, topics I love to share for interviews, talks and treks, and how to connect.

Recent Media

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Podcast Interviews

Guest Writing

talks by ayelet

  • Change School: Change Summit: Ayelet Baron on RELATIONSHIP CHANGE: Matters of the Heart
  • Ayelet Baron: The Future of Work and Creating 21st Century Organizations
  • #CreatingIs: Tim McDonald and Ayelet Baron talk with Hital Muraj about Community Building
  • #CreatingIs: Building Community, One Person at a Time
  • #CreatingIs: Ayelet Baron and Tim McDonald talk with Nancy Schwartzman of Circle Of 6 about leveraging technology to prevent violence
  • #CreatingIs: Tim McDonald and Ayelet Baron talk to Jennifer Shaw of Bella Minds to discuss how Learning is Power

Heartfelt Impact and Reach

“Ayelet is a positive, transparent, open and warm person that is a joy to create with – she effortlessly relates to all kinds of people and is a phenomenal networker. Her significant professional experience and intuitive understanding of emerging technology, combined with an open and transparent work ethic, make her an invaluable part of any team.”

“Ayelet was our keynote speaker. She did an excellent job communicating the power of social networking through storytelling and encouraging the attendees to move out of their comfort zone and try new tools that could enable them to accelerate their career and their business network. The evaluations for Ayelet were glowing and are an excellent indicator that Ayelet is someone who makes a difference.”

“Ayelet is one of the most brilliant thinkers I know. She combines strategic insight with a deep understanding of sales, global business, communications, change management, employee engagement and social media to deliver sound, sage advice to her clients. A masterful speaker and facilitator, she will impress any audience and ensure that meetings get results. Her rich mix of skills, global perspective and systems thinking distinguish her. The value she delivers is worth every penny!”

“Ayelet has been a joy to work with. She brings fantastic strategic insights, combined with a no-nonsense attitude. Her great analytical mind allows her to give a clear picture of the issues at hand and she combines that with great planning skills to build a plan of action. I would gladly hire her any time.”

Ayelet Baron’s Media + Press Kit

Ayelet is one of the first female futurists focused on humanity. As a former executive, she has a track record of building thriving global communities and has always led organizations to their next big thing.

Now she brings her professional and personal experiences together to work with companies, groups, and individuals as they prepare for the emerging new world of possibilities.

The future is human.

“My mission is to help us see that there is a healthy way to live and work when we come together and create what we need most. During this time of great questioning, there is a need for us to remember that the future is human. While I love technology, it’s time to integrate technology and not lead with it.” Ayelet Baron


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Interview Topics

The Treks

Our customized, facilitated conversations and treks serve as a compass to navigate and unlock the path to 2027 and beyond.

Each Trek stands on its own and is tailored to your needs. You may choose to introduce them all to your organization and communities. The choice is yours.

  • TREK 1:
    The Future is Human:
    Everything is already here
  • TREK 2:
    Navigating the Shifts 2022 – 2027:
    The implications for Life and Work
  • TREK 3:
    The Great Questioning:
    The Impact of Becoming Conscious Creators
  • TREK 4:
    Creating A Flourishing Human Culture: Unlocking the Future of Collaboration
  • TREK 5:
    Traps, Seducations and Reality of True Collaboration:
    Experimenting with Trust, Communication, and Leadership
  • TREK 6:
    Finding Courage to Trek into the Unknown: Leaping into Possibilities

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Awards, Recognition & Communities

  • Featured in Thinkers360 2022 Predictions for Future of Work
  • Named one of the Top 150 Female Futurists to Follow in 2021
  • Named one of the Top 50 Global Leaders on Culture, Future of Work, and Sustainability (Thinkers360, 2021)
  • Named one of the 50 Leading Female Futurist (Forbes, 2020)
  • Named one of the 100 Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2020 (Thinkers360, 2020)
  • Member of the Femme* Futurists Society
  • Women who Make A Mark Award, Entrepreneur of the Year, Watermark
  • Past Board Member, One Heart Worldwide
  • Cisco Leadership Fellow, Nethope
  • Advisor, Global Deeds
  • Global Advisory Circle, Sansori
  • Past Board Member, Goal4
  • Past Board Member, Strategic Leadership Forum, Washington, DC
  • Past Global Board Director, International Association of Business Communicators
  • Past President, International Association of Business Communicators, Toronto


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