Treks and Services

Partnering with conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers to create a world where we thrive and realize our most aspirational dreams, with a focus on:


communication, trust and collaboration


wholeness, transformation and balance


conscious leadership, trusted relationships and community

What better time than NOW?

Evolved organizations are designing thriving businesses that matter. In place of competition, they are leading with collaboration and conscious communication, the collective mission of their people, and generously sharing their knowledge and experiences in communities.

The possibilities really are exponential, it’s an exciting time to be alive. Our imagination and ability to innovate know no boundaries.

Navigating the Path to 2027

An increasing number of people of all ages are making conscious choices about their lives, where work is just part of the bigger equation. The next five years are foundational in rewiring organizations and leadership for what is coming. The old ways of work are breaking apart and instead of fixing them, it’s time for a healthier path forward.

There is no secret, formula, or best practice. It’s about recognizing the need of this new world to be built with living, regenerative systems and holistic approaches to usher in the age of humanity. Then, and only then, we bring in the technology and systems to enable and support it all.

Ayelet Baron - The Shifts 2022-2027

Are You Ready to Choose Your Trek?

As we enter a new regenerative world focused on human potential, long-term sustainability and value creation, it is time to engage deeply into the process of bringing your dreams and ideas to life.

Partnering with conscious leaders, organizations and individuals who imagine and build healthy futures, there are three areas where we create value:

Strategic Talks

Tailored to Your Needs

Customized, facilitated conversations that are tailored to your strategic vision and mission. These treks will guide you to understand your challenges, see the opportunities ahead and develop self-awareness. Listening and being heard are key to our future where dialogue and community matter.

We are entering a regenerative world of long-term sustainability and value creation that is focused on human potential, which will kick your ass if you’re not ready!

Trek Pods

Unlearning and Learning

Evaluating what resistance and limiting beliefs are getting in the way and untangling complexities, allowing us to adapt to what is possible in a human world by integrating timeless questions, wisdom and technologies. The Pod Treks can be episodic engagements supporting living systems. Timeless, shared experience in co-creating, accomplishment and collaboration are the most profound and fulfilling opportunities in today’s world.


Holistic Impact

Bringing Meaning to Life

Return on Investment (ROI) includes the traditional metrics of the organization’s mechanics and includes growth, efficiency, and productivity. We guide you to explore your Return on Impact, measured by the human dynamics of collaboration, engagement, alignment. Traverse through communication, trust and collaboration (People), wholeness, transformation and balance (Perspectives) to conscious leadership, trusted relationships and community (Outcomes).


The Treks

Our customized, facilitated conversations and treks serve as a compass to navigate and unlock the path to 2027 and beyond.

Each Trek stands on its own and is tailored to your needs. You may choose to introduce them all to your organization and communities. The choice is yours.

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The Future is Human

Everything is Already Here

Navigating the Shifts 2022 – 2027

The Implications for Life and Work

The Great Questioning

The Impact of Becoming Conscious Creators

Creating A Flourishing Human Culture

Unlocking the Future of Collaboration

Traps, Seductions and Reality of True Collaboration

Experimenting with Trust, Communication, and Leadership

Finding Courage to Trek into the Unknown

Leaping into Possibilities

Are you ready to explore how to navigate in this emerging new world?

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