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A Balancing Act

Sep 2, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

A Balancing Act - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Life often feels like a balancing act between what we know and what’s unknown. It’s like we’re all using old, worn-out phones. We’ve gotten used to their quirks, but they don’t serve us anymore. Still, we hesitate to switch to new paradigms. It’s not that the new ones may offer us a different way of interacting; it’s just that we’ve grown comfortable with what we know.

The resistance we feel to anything new serves as our collective alarm bell. It’s not here to scare us but to wake us up to possibilities. For instance, when considering any change, we might feel uneasy. We understand the benefits—flexible and more meaningful pathways—but still, we hesitate. It’s not that change is scary; it’s just that it feels unnatural to many of us. But what if our resistance isn’t saying, “Don’t do it,” but rather, “Hey, this is big, pay attention.”

It’s like a friend switching off the game on TV and saying, “Let’s go for a walk.” Initially annoying, but healthy for us in the long run. Being in motion is key to our health.

Resistance isn’t our enemy; it’s like a speed bump reminding us that another lesson is here. We may pause, think, and then flow. Sometimes, life throws curveballs—maybe some of us face losses or relationships end. It feels jarring and immediate. But that immediate change is like ripping off a Band-Aid. It might sting, but it is a real and raw crossroad.

When we feel resistance, there’s something underlying that is asking  to be addressed as an opportunity to grow—not always a wound or problem to be solved immediately. What if our opportunity is to invest the energy necessary to create a healthy relationship with our fears and meet ourselves on the path of least resistance?

So, can we choose not to fear resistance or changes that come out of the blue? These are not roadblocks but signposts pointing us to a healthier, more fulfilling life. We and the universe are on the same team, and sometimes, the universe is the coach who pushes us to run that extra mile. We might pant, we might struggle, but once we master the balancing act, we realize we would not change a thing.

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