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A Game Changer

Dec 10, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

A Game Changer - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

A game changer is our ability to connect. And to connect, we open our hearts and explore.

But we do have to be discerning as not everyone Is ready for pure, authentic, and real connection. Many may think we are ready but we are not. Because only those of us who can have pure, authentic and real dialogue with ourselves can engage with each other without judgement. 

There are many people walking around today deeply wounded. To the outside world, everything seems fine. But when you get close, for some reason, we get to experience the inner brokenness. The harsh internal judgement and blaming that then gets projected externally. And the constant need for external validation when its essence flows from within.

Psychologists tell us that wounded people attack because of an inability to be vulnerable and real. It is easy to blame and judge and so much more challenging to have compassion. And compassion sets boundaries and helps us develop discernment. 

And maybe the main boundary is setting our integrity and honoring where we are at this moment? As the old boundaries of human connection are collapsing, standing in our own truth is a personal journey of the heart. There is no room for finger pointing, blame or division where we’re headed. We choose to leave it behind.

Wounds heal when we take a breath and begin the journey of inner dialogue. As my dear friend, Mark Guay, shares: “That’s because a real conversation is a game-changer.

Real conversations allow us to lean in with vulnerability, with the uncomfortableness of “I don’t f’n know and it’s frustrating,” and then be supported in this space.

Yet, here’s the real kicker.

When we have a conversation with someone we admire about an issue we are facing, two results occur:

1. New windows of knowing emerge from within. These are the “ah-ha!” moments that spark from within. This is the magic of inter-personal learning. The very act of opening up to someone you trust opens up new awareness from within. Think of it like an echo that bounces back while howling at a mountaintop.

2. We create communitas. This is active verb of community, of inviting someone into your life in a way that creates a deeper connection. This alone sparks a fire of courage from within that allows us to show up with tenacity and trust.

Conversations change lives. And they save companies. Yet, real conversations require deep work. Deep work that is uncomfortable. Deep work that can feel like taking a leap into the abyss of unknown.

So often we have a part in ourselves that says we should have all the answers. We should have figured this out by now. That to ask for real help in a time of vulnerable need is proof of being an imposter.

Yet, in my experience, the best leaders have truly honed their ability to both ask for help and dance in the wind of a deep conversation.”

And this is a time of great weaving as together, so much is possible, when we heal our wounds and no longer need to pretend.

In the world that is emerging, there are no sides, which takes a lot of pressure off ourselves. We don’t get offended or lash out because we only let people into our lives who are whole with pure intentions. And guess what? We have so many opportunities to practice along the path. 

Walking our talk in alignment and harmony changes everything and brings so much light into our lives.   

Is it time to weed out entanglements that keep us stuck in the same stories? What if truly letting go open us opportunities with pure intentions and allow us to flow in dialogue and deep connection? 

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