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Harmonizing Our True North

Sep 22, 2023 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

Our True North - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Our True North

At some point in life, we may drift away from our true north and find ourselves in strange territory. Life’s journey often feels like a labyrinth. We wander through its intricate maze, and sometimes we lose our bearings from our own inner compass. We wonder, “Is this really me?” The daily grind eclipses our spark, and we’re left feeling zapped of creativity, motivation, and play.

But do we dare to acknowledge when something feels off-kilter? Fatigue, apathy, and lack of enthusiasm are all signs. Instead of dismissing these feelings, can we see them as signals and indicators? Perhaps they point us toward a valuable opportunity to get back in tune with ourselves.

Walking the path of mastery calls for sharp awareness, self-reliance, and heightened sensitivity. This starts within us and then extends into the world around us. In this transitional era, it’s crucial to not get our energy tangled with things that drain us. Can we create our own unique road to thriving and wellbeing by mastering our own life force, regardless of external circumstances?

So, can we release whatever keeps us stuck? Imagine cleaning out a closet. If you haven’t worn that shirt in a few years, why is it still hanging there?

Same goes for relationships, habits, and even beliefs that don’t align with us anymore. They occupy space that could be filled with healthy living that truly energize us. The standards we set for ourselves are foundational. And maybe we don’t need as much as we are told.

The way we channel our energy into each situation sets the course: either we uplift our reality or contribute to its decline. It’s a choice we make, moment to moment.

Our True North Speaks Our Truth

Speaking out for our own wellbeing is a treasure. Maybe we’re ready to take a different trek?  And what if our question is, why can’t we? Think of it as negotiating a healthier deal with life. By asking for what nourishes us, we’re not just accumulating experiences; we’re curating a life that reflects our true north.

Opinions of others might hover like clouds, but remember, clouds pass. We are our own sky, expansive and ever-changing, yet always true to our nature.

Now is the time to steer back to our true north. By aligning ourselves with what truly matters, we set the stage for the unknown.

So, we’ve got our compass, the map, the internal GPS and even the walking shoes. What’s the most amazing thing that can happen? We are the ones driving this life. And we don’t need to be a backseat driver in our own journey. We can grab that steering wheel, and make a U-turn when we need or intentionally decide to get lost in the unknown. After all, if life is a game, then let’s play it in a way that makes us want to truly come alive—no holds barred.

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”—Ray Bradbury

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