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Breaking Free

Feb 15, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Breaking Free - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking


Many of us are feeling like we are unraveling, coming undone and at the same time, also breaking free. It’s all happening quietly.

I recently spoke to someone who is questioning everything and feeling increasingly isolated. The corporate path is no longer appealing but it defined him until now. He reached out because there are few people who can relate to what is unraveling within him.

And quite frankly, a natural part of life is outgrowing situations. Things fall apart to make space. And while we experience life and death throughout our lives, we don’t openly talk about it.

Breaking free happens when we allow ourselves to get a bit lost and loosen our need for controlling outcomes and being driven by endless goals. Much changes when we become aware that there is no destination in life; just gates waiting to be unlocked.

What many of us are realizing is that we can exercise our free will. But when we face roadblocks that we may believe require us to fight to get through to the other side, we get caught up in the storm; when it’s simply a current passing through. It may seem like there are no viable options left to explore. But what if instead of fighting, we imagine unrealized opportunities with untapped potential?

Breaking Free

What if we don’t need to hold on to anything when we choose to open the doors within ourselves? Our ability to flow is key in uncertain times as we allow things to simply unfold.

When we take the road less, traveled, we may have to lay down the foundation and build a healthy infrastructure, where we smooth out any unexpected bumps on the road. But maybe we use different materials and connect with new possibilities. As we focus on creating what we need, we also free ourselves from the prison of the mind. We can choose to experiment with the unknown.

Every experience in the world is an opportunity to shape the path that emerges through personal choice. Activating our freedom to choose brings in healthy energy. And we pave the way for anyone who is ready to join us.

Breaking free from the prison of the mind requires a willingness to challenge our beliefs and thought patterns, adopt new perspectives, and cultivate a sense of curiosity and openness to new healthy experiences. We become the conscious leaders of our lives.

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