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Dare to Ask and Discern

Mar 13, 2024 | Conscious Communication, Daily Trek

Dare to Ask and Discern - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

In the realm of entrepreneurship, our power lies in the questions we dare to ask. And our ability to discern guides us. This is how we shatter the conventional, stepping into the unknown.

When you realize that no one knows much of anything, and that everyone is in the storytelling business, you discover a universal truth.  And when it comes to entrepreneurship, our opportunity is in the questions. Because that’s when we truly breakaway from the stories; daring to ask and listening in new ways.

Whether an idea is viable or not remains a mystery until you collide with reality. You, too, might not fully grasp the potential of your own concept until you put it into action.

Testing, experimenting, and engaging with people is part of the learning. It unveils valuable insights and gives your idea life, evolution or death.

It’s about embracing uncertainty, learning through experience, and adapting. This active engagement with your idea and reality is the pathway; throwing away the conventional blueprints; especially when the idea is for all of us and not a branding exercise.

Elevating your creation hinges on the insights gained and the courage to evolve.

Colliding with honest and grounded people, who challenge you with sharp questions, is invaluable. The last thing you need are people who falsely claim to have all the answers, clouding your vision. After all, when it comes to introducing something novel and fresh, the reality is that true understanding is a rare commodity.

Because in reality, no one really knows much of anything about bringing something brand new to the world. By challenging the status quo, we dare to ask so we can then venture into the unknown. And also create with the lightness of being in daring to question and listen to what is also not being said. This is where the play begins.

It’s where a new true love emerges in playing with what’s really possible. Because we don’t wait to be validated, inspired or picked, when we dare to discover the flow of creation—deep inside of us— waiting to be unleashed.

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