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Deep Listening

Oct 12, 2022 | Daily Trek, F*ck the Bucket List

Deep Listening - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Deep Listening

Deep listening is where we’re headed; whether it’s to ourselves, each other or the Earth. This is why the tides are turning as we begin to listen to our hearts. It allows us to move away from (inner) conflict and tap into the frequency of creation. The practice of deep listening is one of tapping into our heart, without assumption or judgement.

While broadcasting keeps the current noise level high, we can choose what and who we listen to at every moment.

When we forget that we control the volume of our lives, the noise around us will get out of control.

Observe the news programs you’re watching, take note of the stories you’re listening to and the friends and colleagues you are hanging out with. Do these sources share stories of creation? Or, are they filled with fear and sadness about atrocities and injustices going on in the world?

By deciding what gets our attention or selecting different people to befriend, we make a choice regarding what we allow into our lives and who we surround ourselves with.

Are We Daring?

It doesn’t mean we ignore what’s happening in the world. But rather that we are opting to live with higher levels of awareness in terms of the choices we’re making. Becoming fully aware that the external noise will continue to increase means we choose where we invest our attention wisely. 

Many of us have been trained to value talking rather than listening. And when we do listen, it’s not always with wholehearted presence. When we stop trying to impress or prove how smart we are, we start creating dialogue, which is the foundation of trust. And when we do listen with our heart, we have a healing effect on ourselves and each other.

Deep listening is a part of natural caring. We don’t need to take courses on listening when we can get in tune with our heart and deeply care. It’s an ability equally available to each of us to practice and master. But do we dare?

Imagine a caring world of heart-centered creators pioneering possibilities. At the end of the day, we are all architects and artists when we give ourselves permission to listen deeply and play.

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