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Edge Esmeralda: A Pop Up Village

Mar 28, 2024 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Edge Esmeralda: A Pop Up Village - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Edge Esmeralda springs to life this June in Healdsburg, California. Edge City and Esmeralda Land Company joined forces to infuse this pioneering town with the educational spirit of Chautauqua, the allure of Las Catalinas, and a college campus’s vibrant energy.  Subsequently, the town will reduce car use, enrich learning, and encourage children to experience another way of living.

Health and innovation are at its core, with focused work and broad learning becoming the daily rhythm. Here, we find an opportunity to explore the world we want to co-create through action in real life.

Meanwhile, bringing high-agency individuals like founders, scientists, urban planners, and creatives to co-create with locals. All actively crafting a healthier future. Families are encouraged to participate with childcare and activities designed for all ages. Thus, embodying a vision to meld family life with creative pursuits seamlessly and harmony with life (and work).

The pop up nature embraces emergence. Hence, steering away from rigid central planning and control. Instead of presentations and pitches, participants dive in, interact, and showcase creativity. Similarly, given that the event spans an entire month, it’s an opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships with fellow participants and a vibrant local community.

Five tracks at Edge Esmeralda focus on a future that can be created together. Discussions on Artificial Intelligence will focus on the implications of decentralized AI, and how AI’s evolution aligns with human values. Human Organization will imagine an approach to education and community, seeking healthier ways to govern.

Similarly, real-world Crypto will make blockchain technology accessible and practical. Health, Longevity, & Bio will blend nutrition with the latest in wellbeing technology. Hard Tech invites an exploration of what’s possible in our world, exploring new energy and space frontiers.

Consequently, Edge Esmeralda offers a preview of what is possible. Can we build communities where nature and city vibrancy meet, where learning never ceases, and staying healthy is a way of life? The dream is to cultivate a culture of curiosity and optimism, building lives that are healthy, fulfilling and vibrant.

And this is not the only pop up village. Zanzalu takes place in Fumba Town, Zanzibar, from May 15 to June 21, 2024. Zanzalu focuses on fostering a growth ecosystem by encouraging experimentation, strengthening community ties, and motivating participants to take purposeful action.

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