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Can We End Our Cycle of Fear?

Mar 1, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Fear - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Fear Breeds More Fear

It’s up to each of us to end cycles. And one of the biggest ones that many of are facing right now is fear.

Fear is about looking back at our past and is based on our reactions to situations that already took place; as well as fearing what could potentially happen in the future. The energy and vibration of fear is deeply embedded in the fabric of our current world; we are constantly being told to protect ourselves and be safe. Why do we wish someone who is about to embark on a trip,”safe travels”? Why would their travels be unsafe?

While many are fearful of the future and the unknown, this fear has no real foundation because nothing has happened yet. The billboards and advertising ask us, will we have enough money to exist when we retire? Will we be out on the street if we can’t pay our bills? Will there be no one to take us in our toughest times? When we play this “what if” scenario game, we simply create more fear by assigning meaning to scary situations.

There are so many fears we can tap into from not being enough, fearing the unknown and even fearing success, which is more prevalent than the fear of failure. When we immerse ourselves in the fear of the unknown, everything scares us and our imagination runs wild around what might happen. But what if the unknown is not so scary and where we meet our opportunities?  Isn’t the unknown where anything and everything is possible?

If we feared a bit less every day, what would possibly come to an end? Why stay stuck in imagining only the worst things that can happen to us?

Time to Kick Fear to the Curb?

Peter Benchley wrote the best-selling book Jaws, which later became an iconic movie. Jaws is the story of a great white shark that stalks and kills people in a small beach town. Later in his life, Benchley deeply regretted the fear the movie generated, which led to human predation of sharks and steep drops in shark populations. To atone, he became an advocate for shark conservation as he learned that the oceans won’t thrive if sharks don’t.

We can choose to end the cycle of worry and fear. The opportunity is to come alive. Nothing external to ourselves can ever bring true, lasting peace. That can only come from inside ourselves. As American humorist Frank Skully wisely reminds us, “Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?”

Taking A Breath

When we feel a sense of despair and need help with the systemic issues of our mind, we might reach out to a therapist, a mental health expert, a psychiatrist, or a psychologist. We may feel trapped and overwhelmed by life, unable see a way out of the dark tunnel we find ourselves in.

A wise guide will recommend taking a breath and quieting the mind of fearful thoughts. He or she will suggest forgetting about expectations and letting go of the impulse to fit into the sameness society conditions us to value. A healthy guide will encourage us to find a way to go to a neutral zero point that will allow us to pause for whatever length of time is necessary to recalibrate. It’s a process where we let our intuitions flow without fear.

Surround yourself with trees. Observe the sunrise and the sunset. Watch and listen to birds. Spend time with horses and goats. Observe a crow chase an eagle. They will show you what’s always been here. Can you take a conscious breath and go deep inside yourself to understand what resonates with you, and what doesn’t anymore so you can release yourself from fear?

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