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Finding the Courage that Propels

Feb 10, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unleash

Finding the Courage that Propels - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Finding the Courage that Propels Us

Courage propels us forward; without it, decline sets in. Accepting the status quo leads to stagnation and discontent. Thus, staying safe isn’t truly feasible. Flow is necessary, or else disturbances ensue.

I’ve talked to many of us recently who are in some unexpected transition—from losing a job, starting a business, taking a sabbatical from a job, getting married, becoming an empty nester, selling a house, renting, traveling, coping, surviving and even thriving.

The bottom line is that this is a time when many of us are shedding our old skin. This happens naturally, such as feeling a need to take action, or an external change that was unexpected. Either way, as in nature, change is part of life. And it’s an opportunity to explore the shifting landscape and let go.

However, any inherent reluctance to let go is shaped by societal norms to cling to places, people, beliefs and possessions. It’s easier to come up with all the reasons why we can’t than what truly propels us to close doors that lead nowhere.

What is happening right now is very real. An increasing number of us have reached a point where too much is weighing on us. This is bringing us to question our attachments. And some of the changes we are facing take us out of our comfort zone for a reason.

Resistance brings stress, nightmares, and unrest, possibly sparked by loss or conflict.

What Propels You?

Yet, this period is rich with potential, urging us to delve into our emotions. Are feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, or jealousy signals to uncover deeper truths? Perhaps it’s an opportunity to recognize what or who detracts from our wellbeing, from environmental irritants to toxic relationships.

Life and death are natural cycles, encompassing all beings, including us. Change, then, is a catalyst for birthing something vibrant and expansive.

Anne Frank wrote in her diary, “What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it happening again.”

Once we gain awareness of something, it diminishes in power over us.

Once we’re conscious of something, it has less power over us. This is a time to become conscious of how powerful each of us actually is. It might become clear that we may be giving our power away to someone or something. And if this is the case, maybe it’s time to step into our power and tap into our strength. Perhaps financially, emotionally, psychically, or physically.

It’s a choice to feel less inclined to put up with things that bother us, or we might choose to experience greater depth in our life.

Observing and questioning our attachments allows us to discover a whole world of detachment. And opens us to explore what truly is valuable to us.

A Question of Health

When I fired myself from my successful corporate job, I spoke at a business for good conference, in front of a thousand people, without a big fancy company title.

And when I shared that I fired myself, people stood up and applauded. It made me sad to see of how unhappy so many of us are. I didn’t want more people to leave, I wanted to help create organizations that respect people.

Then, many came up after the talk and shared how they wish they could leave their jobs. I told them that I didn’t know their circumstance. For me, no matter how much I asked to be put on a headcount reduction list, the answer was, no. So, I had to make the choice myself. And it was a question of health.

But a question that helped me detach from the belief system and status quo is, “why can’t I?” It is a question I have become quite attached to when it comes to the courage to act.

What happens when we step into our power and see possibilities rather than limitations? We cannot escape the darkness of the world, but we can make conscious choices that light our path in this emerging quantum world of possibilities.

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