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Instant Healing and Gratification

Apr 25, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Instant Gratification - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Instant Healing 

In today’s culture, we have access to instant everything, from meals and cures to success and healing. Consumerism drives this obsession, pushing us to seek efficiency and immediacy in all aspects of our lives. It corresponds to the myth that someone outside ourselves will save, fix or heal us, which is a false light.

We also created various devices, such as microwaves and Instant Pots, to make everyday tasks quicker and faster. As a result, we have become part of a fast-food culture where everything is expected to happen at breakneck speed. We want everything now or yesterday. The story is one of more and more achievement and success, when in reality this is also a myth.

How we choose to adopt technology plays a significant role in our instant culture, making everything easily accessible through taps, clicks or voice commands. Dating apps, for example, offer millions of potential romantic partners at our fingertips, allowing us to filter instantly based on location, preferences, and interests.

Our fixation on instant gratification often leads to harmful consequences, as we ignore the benefits of taking our time to experience life. And make sure we are making healthy choices for our wellbeing.

The Value of Slowing Down

Interestingly, there are instances where we choose to embrace a slower approach, such as coffee brewing. Why do we grind the beans when we can add water to instant coffee?

When we take the time to make a delicious cup of java, we find value enjoying the process, rather than rushing through it. Maybe by taking the time to appreciate life’s beauty and focusing on being present in the moment, we can cultivate an appreciation for the natural pace of things.

The pursuit of instant success contradicts the natural cycles and seasons found in nature. We cannot command plants to grow or seasons to change, but we have created artificial and unnatural expectations that are misaligned with our true nature. Our instant beliefs ultimately lead to unhealthy outcomes, such as stress, anxiety, and illness.

While many tell us to let go of the past and be present. To do so, we can’t just click our heels and declare victory. It’s up to each of us to navigate our path and become aware that there is no real quick fix. To heal our physical body takes care and effort. And there is no magic button for healing deep seeded trauma with instant healing.

Exploring and being curious is healthy and beautiful. But the shiny allure of instant gratification keeps us addicted to needing the next high.

But what if the only way out of this instant culture is in? Is it up to each of us to make healthier choices for ourselves? And by planting seeds and watching them grow, we learn to respect the process and enjoy the fruits of our labor, because forcing immediate results is just a bit insane.

Maybe it is us who our out of balance with the flow of life when everything must be instant? What happens when we begin to grow our own food, for example, and remember how to take impeccable care of our health.

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