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Meaningful Integration

Nov 17, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unleash

Integration Drives Wholeness - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Integration happens when we end separation and bring people into membership of an organization or society. The word integration originates from the mid-17th century Latin integrat- ‘made whole.’ The antonym of integration is separation or segregation.

To integrate is to combine, form, or blend into a functioning, unified, rational whole. We integrate when we make a person or a group part of a larger group or organization. 

Integration is our anchor to our collective journey in the world. It is time for us to find each other and come together around a higher purpose. We need to live in a world where our work is more than a job that dictates our standard of living. It’s time for us to bring our teams back together with purpose and wholeness in mind.

When people care deeply about our purpose and feel appreciated for our contributions, we are able to tap into our intuition and creativity. 

Some may believe that the most exciting and innovative ideas come from places like Silicon Valley, but that is another myth, as ideas happen anywhere and everywhere. It’s about our ability to tap into our creativity and leap into uncertainty with passion and curiosity. 

It is about the quality of listening, empathy, conversations, and relationships we build by integrating and weaving our hopes and dreams with those of others. It’s about community and deep trust.

When we focus on integration, we achieve a more harmonious existence of bringing the pieces of our bigger puzzle together. When we align with wholeness, we piece the fragments together and open pathways to new opportunities. 

What role does integration play in your life? If everything is possible and nothing is a given, what would you create for the world and who would you go about creating it with?

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