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What World Are We Invested in Creating?

May 3, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Invested in Creating - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What World Are We Invested in Creating?

The question is, what choices will we each make over the next five years as creators of lives well-lived?

The world we inherited and continue to support when it comes to work includes some of these characteristics:

  • Recruiting is about fitting people into job openings; sometimes referred to as headcount
  • Safety is preferred over taking risks
  • Technologies are introduced as change initiatives and increase workloads instead of simplifying them
  • Conformity and compliance are rewarded with advancement and promotions
  • Leaders and followers are the equation where people we work with are like us
  • A great deal of energy is invested in conflict and disagreements that arise from divisions and silos
  • Leading with structure; reliance on experts
  • People are a liability and can easily be replaced
  • Working hard means working many hours of labor while suffering through never ending  tasks; burnout is part of the reality
  • Be workaholics

The emerging world that is waiting for us to step into our power and co-create is a healthy one. Are you ready to be invested in creating what you need?

  • Recruiting is about bringing passionate, authentic and skilled people to actualize the organization’s mission
  • Experimenting with possibilities by taking small and big risks
  • Integrating technologies to enable healthy ways of working
  • Valuing people for contributions and ability to co-create; there is room for experimentation and collaboration
  • Co-creators focused on work that is exciting to design and deliver; self-management
  • Listening, dialogue and two-way communication facilitate healthy conversations about what matters; whole people and systems prevail
  • Leading with values and ways to manifest our shared vision with healthy exchanges
  • Investing in people;  building sustainable organizations
  • Valuing contributions by caring how people and the organization thrive
  • Be lifeaholics

Imagine when we together promote a virtuous, human expression of life. This path is waiting for us to flourish.

Shifts - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

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