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Islands of Sanity Beyond the Stone Age

Mar 29, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Islands of Sanity - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Islands of Sanity

Creating islands of sanity means creating healthy ways to exist. There is no time like now to recognize our power as creators.

Recent headlines have caught my attention, surprising because I had stopped following the news for years. Yet, the current state of the external world hits close to home.

Buckminster Fuller visits me in dreams, hinting at alternative paths. Upon waking, I grapple with the realization of the mass denials we opt for.

Elders assure us they hold the keys to our questions, urging us not to endure their hardships. They propose safeguarding wisdom, yet one must question if we aim to merely replicate history or forge ahead by creating islands of sanity. We may listen to their stories, but maybe the wisdom they offer is what not to follow.

International Women’s Day prompts reflection on the actual progress in women’s realities. This week, The Telegraph highlighted a grim promise by the Taliban to publicly stone women, citing women’s rights as a violation of Sharia law. And also just this week, a terrorist who filmed a young woman who was brutally murdered receives an AP award for his sickening photo. And then there are the seven drivers of a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions in Sudan, which gets ignored.

Insane. This scenario mirrors a collective nightmare. While we might feel detached, our interconnectedness ensures we no longer stick our heads in the sand.

Sanity within the Insanity

Despite fervent activism and advocacy, our approach to women’s status seems archaic. When we face reality, we find women worldwide affected by oppressive beliefs. So, what’s the next step? Do we persist in advocacy and fight for our existence?

This issue transcends geography. In some countries, women fight for equality in the boardroom, while in others, the struggle is for the basic right to exist.

Following the media alone might lead us to live in heightened fear concerning our rights, health, and very existence. Yet, this period calls not for fear but for a radical journey toward the root of our dis-ease. Maybe instead of engaging in battles, we focus on sowing seeds. Protesting or fighting often reinforces the existing conditions. Maybe we need less warriors and more gardeners on islands of sanity.

Outrage floods the streets of many major cities and college campuses, but if you ask individuals what they’re fighting for, some will tell you they are being paid to fight. Did you know that Qatar has emerged as the largest foreign donor to US universities? Contributing $5.1bn since 1986. So, what is it exactly we are fighting for that will take us out of the stone age?

I don’t know about you but you can’t make this stuff up. And because we are supposed to be “positive” and “happy” (just ask AI!), it dumbs everything down. Maybe instead of creating more charities and campaigns, we need to infuse the world with real holistic education and awareness with deep love, not fear.

Maybe we need less courses from experts and more dialogue to explore what’s possible. Less conferences and more gatherings where we all have an equal voice and opportunity to talk and listen, openly. What if there is less telling and more sharing, which leads to creation and healthier headlines?

Perhaps less fighting the system and more of us stepping into our power, not only saying enough but creating opportunities. Simply because we can.

Creating Islands of Sanity

And there is nothing more powerful than living it ourselves; not just talking about it. Because if we can’t truly be here for each other and openly talk about the hard stuff, what’s the point? We can say we don’t understand or we can ask questions to understand. It’s a choice.

Adopting others’ viewpoints without questioning their validity or resonance for us diminishes our creative power. Now is not the time to follow the crowd or be swayed by others.

Believing in ourselves and running everything through our deep connection to reality becomes crucial.

Can we create more intentionally, authentically, and reverently? For those with the freedom of choice and expression, do we dare venture into the unknown.

Fighting for it might not be the healthiest path. Embracing our truth delicately can conserve our energy and foster significant changes in the world around us.

Yes, each of us is a creator not rushing into anything. But understanding the gift of life gives us permission to create islands of sanity without a blueprint.

Dr. Margaret Wheatley reminds us that it’s possible to carve out a path of contribution and meaning. We shift our focus from issues beyond our control to the people around us by embodying conscious leadership. Engaging openly allows us to leverage our insight, compassion, and create islands of sanity. Through mutual support and collaboration, we remind each other that working together enables us to navigate through most challenges.

But the truth is that everything begins when we no longer need the limelight and be seen by others. Because when we know who we are, the need for validation fades. And we understand how much we truly need ourselves and each other. And become the creators for those who need us most because they don’t have a voice.

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