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Joy of Being Incomplete

May 30, 2023 | Conscious Communication, Daily Trek

Joy of Being Imperfect - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Joy of Being Incomplete

Consider this; there is joy in being incomplete. We are all works in progress, like an artist’s canvas that’s continually evolving. Each brushstroke adds a new dimension to our existence, making us incomplete yet incredibly vibrant and fascinating.

Think about the Mona Lisa. Da Vinci didn’t paint her in a day. The painting evolved over years. In essence, the Mona Lisa was ‘incomplete’ for a very long time. Yet, that didn’t diminish her allure. Every added detail over time only enhanced her.

Similarly, our lives have new chapters added every day. Our stories continue to unfold. We’re not finished products but exciting works in progress. This process of constant growth and change makes our individual narratives thrilling and unique.

Imagine a world where everyone was perfect. Sounds boring? It’s our unique quirks, our dreams yet to be realized, and the lessons we’re yet to learn that make us human. They lend character to our narratives, making our stories worth creating.

Being incomplete doesn’t imply imperfection. Instead, it’s a testament to our unlimited potential. As we embrace our incompleteness, we also celebrate our potential for growth, resilience, and our continuous journey towards becoming healthier versions of ourselves.

Our incompleteness gives us a unique perspective. It helps us empathize with others, understand different perspectives, and appreciate the beauty of our journeys. We’re all on this journey together, each of us shaping our own version of ‘completeness.’

Being incomplete is a wonderful thing. It’s at the heart of our shared human experience. It makes our lives interesting, rich with potential, and deeply meaningful.

Being Imperfect and Whole

Even in our state of incompleteness, we are undeniably whole. This might seem paradoxical, but it’s the truth of our human existence. Being incomplete doesn’t mean we are lacking or fragmented. Instead, it means that we are on a journey of growth and evolution, which doesn’t make us any less whole.

Our wholeness is inherent. It’s not dependent on reaching certain milestones or achieving a state of perceived perfection. Rather, it’s found in our unique mix of strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and potentials. We are fully ourselves, even as we strive, grow, and evolve. In other words, our incompleteness doesn’t detract from our wholeness, but enriches and reaffirms it.

We are like the moon. Even when it is in a crescent phase and appears ‘incomplete’ from our perspective on Earth, it is, in reality, always whole. Similarly, our journey of becoming, the path of growth and evolution, is simply a phase of our existence.

Can we embrace the joy of being incomplete? After all, it’s this sense of incompletion that breathes life into our existence, making the journey truly worth living.

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