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Feb 19, 2022 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Kay Newton - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Celebrating the Purposeful Trek

There are so many incredible people on the planet right now that are pioneering healthy ways of living. I am truly blessed to connect with incredible human beings and co-create with them and today we celebrate a self trekker.

Let me tell you my story about Kay, who contacted me in October 2020. A simple online search brought us together when she found me on the Forbes list of top global female futurists and reached out: “HI Ayelet, wonderful to be connected here on LinkedIn. Your ‘dream’ post really resonated with me. I know the universe has brought us close for a reason. 7.8 billion people in the world and here we are! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know more about you.”

We jumped on a Zoom a few days later and discovered synergies on what we want to create in the world and over time, began exploring possibilities and co-creating. This one search changed my own life in ways I never imagined. This is what can happen when we meet a kindred spirit on our purposeful trek.

 A Mission to Create Healthy Ways of Being

Kay is a self trekker, “Nature reminds us that there is no need for competition, just creative freedom to be. We always have a choice on what actions we take. When we trust in the process of life, we can learn to love a storm.”

Kay loves nature and is a force of nature herself. She is down-to-earth and has no qualms calling it like it is. There is no time or space for pretense when she guides anyone who is ready to live an adventurous life of possibilities. Kay is a true inspiration and testament of curiosity and practice by simply walking her talk.

Her books, articles and podcasts help people make foundational shifts in their lives and as an award-winning international speaker and voracious author, Kay is on a mission to make sure that rocking chairs and regrets are not synonymous, and openly shares the simplicity of abundance no matter what age you are.

In 2015 after a 30-year luxury Spanish lifestyle, Kay and her husband James decided to have “no nest.”They moved to a two-roomed, tin-roof house near a pristine beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Today, Kay lives a simple life next to a beach in Mallorca, Spain. In 2017, her trekking included walking the Camino De Santiago on a life-changing adventure that brought alignment and wholeness into her life.

Kay attended a life-changing four-day retreat at Casa Del Karma in Ibiza in December 2021 to learn about the realignment of the body using the Bowspring technique with Saskia Griffiths. She shares what she learned about fascia (collagenous tissue that is located within the whole body), on her trek here.

Kay is passionate about every aspect of our environment, She joined eXXpedition’s Virtual Voyage: South Africa to learn about micro-plastic pollution, its effects upon the oceans and understand how we can shift the damage we have inflicted on our oceans.

Every Wednesday morning she heads out with other caring women for a beach clean-up. And her passion does not stop here; she is creating art from some of the waste they pick up and has local store and restaurant owners’ commitment to display it as a way to increase awareness. Living her values is simply a way of life for Kay Newton. And she cares deeply about people and our planet because she is aware that without healthy oceans, there will be no life.

Purposeful Trekking as a Way of Life

As Kay shared when she first reached out to me, our meeting was not random. As we connected more and discovered that we were working on the same purpose in our own way, we decided to join forces and explore possibilities (I’ll share in greater detail in future posts).

When I embarked on life as a digital nomad in the midst of our global pandemic, I was told that my destinations were more and more limited with the increasing travel restrictions. I was warned to not be in a foreign country for fear of getting stuck. But this was not my fear so I decided to follow my heart and go to where I was being called.

And two years later, I found myself at the Mallorca airport being picked up by Kay and James Newton on an incredible adventure of living the local life and setting the foundation for Purposeful Trekking, which we will be launching, together, with other remarkable pioneers later this year.

Today is Kay’s 60th spin around the sun and I wanted to introduce her tale from the trek to you and celebrate all that she brings to every one of us. For me, meeting Kay has been a gift from the Universe who continues to make me aware that this is our time to do our own work and come together in ways we never imagined.

And we are more connected than ever when we make an effort to free a world and its people from the endless suffering that has been the way of life here. The future will give us abundant opportunities to go on our own self treks and create in purposeful pods with curiosity, courage and play.

While we hear that social media and digital technology are evil and we need to “detox” from them, I call bullshit as it all depends on how we use and integrate them into our lives. And, for me, “one search changed everything” for many of us. When we connect heart-to-heart, how we connect is just a story.

The year 2022 is heralded as one of the most illustrious and significant points in time and the next five years are foundational to where we are headed. Healthy paths are being created now and are calling us to trek into the unknown with deep purpose and meaning.

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