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Does the Pursuit of Knowledge Trap Us?

Sep 8, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Does the Pursuit of Knowledge Trap Us? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What is Knowledge?

What role does knowledge play in our lives? If we all had the answers to every question, would we be more likely to address our deepest worries and fears?

I am not sure. We each have our vantage point and perspective.But knowledge is not wisdom.

Everything around us that is celebrated is about knowing. The more degrees we have, the smarter we are. When we have a large network, we know more people. And the more people we know, the more influence we have. Oh, so the stories we created go on and on. Success in the current world is connected to knowledge.

Knowledge is defined as facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education. It is the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. And according to Edward Craig in Knowledge and the State of Nature, “The point of knowledge is to answer our need for information that will let us successfully navigate our world.”

But when a child asks a grown-up, why are we here? Why do we exist?, the child is most likely shut down. There are many theories but no one knows the answer for sure. And these type of questions are often swept under the carpet. 

Some will ignore the question, while others will provide a religious or philosophical answer. And the child simply needs to accept it or feels a sense of frustration. Perhaps it’s the first time a child realizes grown-ups are not all knowing?

But education is about stuffing knowledge in each of us. There are quizzes, contests, championships and even game shows where we can be proud of how much we know by getting the right answer.

Does the Pursuit of Knowledge Trap Us?

The human construct of knowledge creates deep divisions. There are people in the know and those who are deemed clueless. Some of us know how to influence and work a room, while others are called introverts and don’t know how to do this.  But maybe we don’t want to work a room? Maybe there is something flawed in our basic assumptions and beliefs?

When we excel at sharing, knowledge becomes foundational. We focus on what we can create together without needing to be right and win. But until that time, we worship the knowing.

The world that is opening up is all about the curiosity and courage to explore possibilities. 

And when we realize that no one knows much of anything as everything is a story, some based on facts and data and some on pure emotion, the desire to trek into the unknown is sparked.  

Trekking into the unknown is not just a physical journey—it’s about getting in touch with your courage and humility and discovering what has been hidden or suppressed within you. 

This means exploring both your light and dark sides. It means addressing some of your biggest fears, wounds, and subconscious programming—as well as your unrealized potential. Trekking into the unknown means embarking upon a journey of seeing the weaknesses and the gifts that you’ve been hiding deep within yourself, out of fear of criticism or rejection.

True freedom is experienced when you unleash your full potential by going deep into the corners of your mind and freeing it from the known. This is a time of great unlearning.

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