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Listening to Our Bodies

Sep 15, 2023 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Listening to Our Bodies - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Listening to Our Bodies

Listening to our bodies we learn that old ways won’t cut it when it comes to our health and wellbeing. The struggle is real. From stress to chronic illness, our bodies are waving red flags. We have a choice: keep on the same worn path or tune into our bodies and let them guide us.

We’ve tried forcing our bodies to fit a mold. We pop pills for headaches, guzzle coffee for fatigue, and push through pain. We call it “normal.” But it’s not. That old grind eats at us and breaks us down over time.

Disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that arise because of a violation of the laws of health. And many people don’t realize that pure air, for example, is medicine. Air oxygenates our cells, boosts mental clarity, and elevates our mood. Think of walking in a forest or near the ocean. You’re not just “getting fresh air”; you’re nourishing your body at a cellular level.

Here’s the game changer: our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are super intelligent. When we’re tired, it’s not laziness—it’s a call to rest. When we’re unwell, it’s not inconvenience—it’s a signal to pay attention. Instead of muting these messages, we need to listen.

Building Our Foundation

Complex doesn’t always mean better. Simplicity brings ease and flow. Take food, for example. We have complex diets, but simple, whole foods often serve us best. We don’t need a five-star meal; sometimes an apple from healthy soil does the trick.

Diagnosis can be limiting. Once labeled, we might feel trapped. But our bodies aren’t problems to be solved; they’re systems to be understood. Let’s move past the name tags of diseases and delve into our true nature by listening to our bodies.

Success isn’t just a big paycheck or a lofty title. If our “success” makes us sick, how successful are we? What if success means knowing when we’ve had enough, when to rest, and when to say no? Maybe that’s the healthy shift we need.

Ripples of Listening to Our Bodies

Our bodies are part of bigger systems—our families, communities, and even our planet. When we treat our bodies well, the ripple effects spread. Cleaner foods mean cleaner earth. Self-care means community care. Walks in nature lift our spirits. Our individual health becomes collective wellness.

The future isn’t something to wait for; it’s something we create. Every choice, from what we eat to how we rest, shapes our world. We’re crafting a healthier, kinder way to live—not just for us but for everyone.

It’s not  about jumping to a fantasy future. We’re walking through the realities of now, guided by the wisdom of our bodies. And as we move, step by step, we find that we’re not alone. We’re in this together, creating a healthy new world where wellbeing is a way of life.

In a time when complexity often clouds our judgment, let’s not forget the pure, simple elements that feed our well-being. So go ahead, take a deep breath. It’s more medicinal than you might think.

Maybe the next time your body speaks, listen. It might just be the voice of the future.

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