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Living Lessons Are Calling Us

Oct 15, 2023 | Daily Trek, Trusted Relationships

Living Lessons - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What if living lessons from the Plant Kingdom offer more than just natural beauty? Perhaps they provide a framework for understanding our role in the cycle of life.

Plants, often viewed as the quiet guardians of Earth, are powerhouses of wisdom. Look at the alder tree. It forms partnerships with bacteria to nourish the soil. It’s more than just a tree; it’s a community builder, showing us that life gains value through mutual give and take.

Now consider the dandelion. Usually dismissed as a weed, it thrives under tough conditions. It tells us to adapt and bloom where we are, instead of waiting for the “right” conditions. And we are just discovering its many health benefits.

The sunflower turns this lesson on its head. It faces the sun, showing us the power of radiance. Even in darkness, it tells us to seek light, enriching our own life and perhaps even the lives of others.

Then, meet the nettle. A touch reveals its sting, but also its lesson: be resilient. “I am fierce,” it tells us, teaching us to not just survive but to thrive in our unique way.

Let’s not forget the rose. With petals and thorns, it teaches radical acceptance. It urges us to embrace all aspects of life, the beautiful and the painful.

These plants have wisdom to share, lessons that enrich our understanding of life. As we engage with nature and let it engage with us, we’re part of a bigger, vibrant system, not just mere observers. This Natural Intelligence (NI) is an open book, inviting us to be lifelong learners.

We’re part of a larger living system where everything circulates—energy, love, life, death. In embracing these living lessons, we find not just wisdom but a call to action, urging us to be both learners and participants in the unending, cycle of life.

However, this path is no easy walk in the park. Some days feel like a stretch for the soul, and yes, it hurts. Yet, there’s no going back. Once you’ve connected with life’s awareness this deeply, turning away is not an option. You can never not know again.

We continue on, fully alert and engaged, grasping both the petals and the thorns of existence. We are part of nature and nature is urging us to be the community builders and leaders we need right now; not to stay silent but show up like the sun does every single morning.

Enter bamboo, living lessons of resilience. It bends but doesn’t break, teaching us to face life’s storms with flexibility without losing who we are.

Fungi offer an incredible lesson in interconnectedness and collaboration. Operating largely out of sight, they create an underground network, often referred to as the Woodwide Web, that connects different plants and trees. They exchange nutrients and information, supporting the entire ecosystem. What’s fascinating is that they don’t just connect similar plants; they connect different species, creating a diverse, robust community.

For us, fungi show us how essential unseen work and connections are. We, too, can foster a network of support and mutual aid, stretching beyond our immediate circle to include all kinds of people. It’s an active call to invest in relationships that not only benefit us but also enrich the larger community and ecosystem. They challenge us to consider: How are we contributing to the life network around us? Are we hoarders of resources, or are we connectors and sharers of truth?

In a world that often stresses competition and individual achievement, fungi demonstrate the strength and resilience that come from cooperation and co-creation. They urge us to act now as leaders and architects of humanity, to be the purposeful underground network that sustains and nurtures, even if it isn’t immediately visible.

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