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March’s Radical Trek

Feb 27, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

March Radical Trek Forecast - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

March’s Radical Trek

March’s radical trek marks the start of a truly significant, transformative, and historic period for many of us. Instead of merely discussing and theorizing about a new reality, we have an opportunity to actively begin constructing it in the days, months and years to come.

As we transition from winter to spring, anticipate longer, brighter days ahead. In the upcoming weeks, expect a time of change and transformation as we shake things up and embrace a complete overhaul.

This month we will be increasingly aware that our lives are constantly evolving—both individually and as a collective. This is because change is an inevitable part of our existence.

From the Industrial Revolution to Capitalism, an increasing number of us no longer support the exploitation of natural resources to fuel economic growth. We are questioning top-down hierarchal structures and those seeking authority through extremism. More of us are stepping into our power and becoming the leaders we need on this radical (deeply rooted) trek.

There is also increased awareness and appreciation of our natural environment and the integration of technology in humane ways. We have choices to make whether we will accept Singularity as a given or create healthier paths. We can choose to see under the veil of reality and take action. What if clear air, water and a clean environment become the new norm? Can we create a healthy existence and focus on our opportunities instead of trying to fix the same problems?

Conscious Discernment is on the Rise

The certainty that once existed is starting to fade. And many are wary of dogma, fanaticism and extremism. We are choosing greater freedom and there is increasing needs for communities to share resources, connect and create together. We may be asking, what can we create together in community on this radical trek of ours?

We also want more playgrounds in a world with less battlegrounds. And rather than allowing the chaos of the external world to reflect internally, we begin to look within. There is buried guidance that lies within each of us when we learn to accept ourselves exactly as we are in this moment.

The transition will be slow as fear still shrouds so many unconformable with change and uncertainty. It will take effort to shift but this is when it all begins because many of us have simply had enough. And we are ready to build the bridges on the edges when we know possibility, creativity and courage flourish.

An Inner Radical Trek

What if we choose not to listen to the inner voice that says we have too many responsibilities to take a break? Can we make rest a priority for our overall health and wellbeing? As busyness is finally seen as a dis-ease, can we come to life by not rushing through life?

Irrespective of what may be happening around us or in the world outside, can we be kind and gentle with ourselves? Maybe March is our opportunity for a radical trek by …

  • Embracing our inner pioneer?
  • Trekking into the unknown?
  • Unleashing our pure curiosity?
  • Taking bold leaps of faith and listening to our hearts, in harmony with our minds?
  • Living our truth by expressing our authentic opinions?
  • Stepping into our power by being our own leader?

Rather than trying to force change, trust that it will occur in its own time without any specific practice or ritual. True healing is not about liberating ourselves from uncomfortable feelings. But instead creating a state of freedom and flexibility, allowing ourselves to fully experience both the joyful and difficult moments of life.

An Opportunity to Truly Listen

A significant change is approaching, which will ask us to take do our work and consider the bigger picture.

Can we release any feelings of productivity, paranoia and guilt, and let go of perfectionism? Do we embrace the revolutionary power of slowing down, listening, and allowing each moment to unfold in its fullness? And can we also let go of the never-ending quest for self-help and instead practice radical self-care, self-kindness, and self-compassion?

Opening healthy doors means we get off our butts and tend to our garden. This is why it’s time to create grounded, realistic approaches to making what we imagine real.

Now is the opportune moment to pursue our passions and feel invigorated about our opportunities. Additionally, when grand aspirations align with our energy, this period presents an excellent opportunity to unleash ourselves.

This is the beginning of a shift that takes us to 2045. So it won’t be a big bang moment but a gradual shift. By 2045, my books, for example, will no longer be needed. Because during the next 22 years, more of us step into our power and make health our priority by discovering our wonder (book 1), trekking into the unknown (2) and trusting our hearts (3).

We become conscious of the choices we make in every aspect of our lives. We respect the rights of Nature, including ourselves.

And on a global level, we are creating a gradual shift from authority to community. The communal shift is a reminder that we are all interconnected. Trust, relationships and community are the emerging currencies of our time.

Living intentionally and mindfully is a choice to be made. What do we truly value? Can we embrace the spring vibe and embark on a wild ride?

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