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Dec 2, 2021 | Daily Trek, Unleash

Navigating the Trek - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Can We Predict Navigating the Trek Ahead?

There are many predictions about where we are headed but one element they all share is that no one really knows what will naturally happen and unfold. And, nature teaches us, over and over, that life can change in a flash. How we choose to navigate our trek matters.

We can be transfixed by predictions, which are bets and assumptions, and at the same time, we can start questioning everything like why do we have millions of books and training programs on leadership and live in a world where there is increasing noise, confusion, fear and lack of leadership? Perhaps, we might choose to discern that no one outside ourselves really knows much of anything these days and it’s time to trust our heart?

But We Can Become Aware of the Choices We Make

There is something emerging on the horizon of 2022 that is unlike any other time in our recent history. We are entering the Year of Choice because each of us is becoming aware that who we trust matters and are learning to trust ourselves. The Universe provides us many opportunities to learn on our trek.

Ignoring the problems of the world and wishing them away does not change anything. But knowing what is in our control and what is out of our control is foundational. It takes work and even a personal quest to find our courage to walk through the door of possibilities, after facing fears and hardships. 

The choices we make right now matter more than we can imagine. Is it time to become fully aware that there are choices that we can make? Are you focusing on the new opportunities or are you dwelling on problems and where you are blocked?

Often, the Universe shows us which doors, relationships and stories need to end and asks us to trek into the unknown. When we ignore these signs and messages and stay in the known, we feel stuck and less joyful and unfulfilled. And, history repeats itself until we break free. 

Anyone who chooses to live in our power sets the healthiest possible boundaries with ourselves and others and establishes what and who is healthy for us and what and who is not. We learn to hold our boundaries with clarity. We know in our heart what is best for us and are true to ourselves. 

It’s time to question everything and shift from giving attention to what depletes our energy to what sparks and ignites us. Is there anything or anyone who is depleting your energy and draining you right now? If there are, you can set boundaries and you’ll have ample opportunities to practice applying them to real world situations and people. Despite all the noise, the next few years are asking you to live to your highest fulfillment.

Unleashing Your Heart and Navigating the Trek

No one outside yourself can tell you where you stand when you live your life from the heart. Trekking into the unknown means exploring new paths to find what you need. It’s no longer needed to fight against the decaying unstable systems, which only serve the few and drain our energy. Making healthy choices is one of the most powerful tools we have and with courage and curiosity, you will be amazed at where you end up. 

We each build up our defenses to survive, like the need to be right or to know something as an expert. But when we realize that no one knows much of anything, we start seeing everything in a different light. We begin to understand that we have a choice to accept a situation or walk away, which is why The Great Resignation is upon us. The trick might be to find a balance by trusting our heart and living our truth and allowing ourselves to be free of an old belief system or a limiting paradigm.

We can’t go into the world and have the freedom to create if our base is wobbly. This is why it’s possible to heal childhood wounds or family dysfunctions. It’s also why it’s important to find your own rhythm and harmony. Is it time to assess your inner world—whether that’s your past, work, home, or family—and put effort into examining and addressing any areas that are weak at the root?

We can no longer afford to wait for shifts to just happen. Our history shows us that things don’t just happen on their own—we make them happen. You either make a choice and take action or it’s just a bunch of beliefs and words that keep you stuck in the same stories. 

You, and only you, hold the key to unleashing your heart and trekking into the unknown, which is what the next five years are asking each of us to do. When you become a powerful creator of your life, you understand that hope and courage are universal and eternal.  



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