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Ending the Old Rules

Dec 28, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Ending the Old Rules - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Our old rules guide us to set resolutions at the beginning of every year. But what if we can create and live our vision every day? Do we really have to wait for an official symbolic date to begin?

Like many of us, for a while a long time ago, I bought into setting goals and resolutions, creating vision boards and choosing one to three words for the year. But I stopped when I saw how much of it was part of the consumerism of the self-help industry that was constantly selling more and more expertise. I questioned how anyone knew what I actually need and shied away from self-improvement offerings. 

And I came to my own realization that I didn’t need any new shiny objects or resolutions to focus on; even if it was a new year. 

I now prefer to trust my heart and stay away from superficial stuff. More of us no longer want to follow the old rules or life experts. No one wants to sit through endless courses or lectures. We want connection and meaning.

What if we can trust ourselves enough to get comfortable with what’s not here yet? There is beauty in not-knowing.

Maybe from this day forward, the playground of opportunity is wide open. And we get to create, experiment and experience what’s possible. Perhaps everything and anything is no longer impossible? 

What are you truly curious about? What is no longer impossible? 

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