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Long-Term Creation

Apr 3, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Power of Long-Term Creation - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Creating A Long-Term Mindset

Changing our mindset doesn’t have to be complex when the long-tern is calling us to think holistically. We may find ourselves trapped in a world focused on short-term gains, but we can break free.

Venturing into uncharted territory means trying new approaches: making conscious choices, building healthy structures, and focusing on what genuinely matters.

Today’s systems don’t encourage or reward long-term thinking, and our political institutions share this short-term focus. It’s kind of insane that people who love certainty and predictability created organizations that focus on short-term thinking.

Imagine healthy organizations launching a Futures Lab, exploring long-term possibilities, designing healthy business structures, and nurturing collaborative communities. This vision demands conscious leaders with vision, courage, patience, and a strong sense of social responsibility.

Maybe by considering this different approach, we would stop the endless short-term reorganizations and layoffs that have become a way of life today. And by sparking benefits for current and future generations, we would plant healthy seeds today that allow us to course correct as we go. We would also create new metrics that focus on Return on Impact.

It’s time to abandon best practices and short-term thinking. Tuning into an organization’s unique needs, we can discover what works best for us. A world of listening, cooperation, collaboration, and creation awaits those ready to seize opportunities. Imagine sacred listening circles and dialogue cafes within organizations instead of endless meetings.

Long-Term Visionaries: Shaping Our Future

Instead of focusing solely on innovation and technology, we choose to embrace the human side of our organizations as well. Because when we listen to the heartbeat of an organization (people), we tap into what will and won’t work for us. By experimenting and iterating in a lab environment, we evolve and find the balance between short and long-term thinking.

Picture a world led by visionary conscious individuals with long-term missions, guiding organizations across all sectors. We’d form unlikely strategic partnerships and act with foresight to address the most significant opportunities.

Cultivating curiosity, imagination, and creativity in our children is crucial. These traits lay the foundation for a generation of opportunity creators who question the status quo and develop what we need.

As we flourish in our lives and learn how to thrive, anything becomes possible. Imagine if we valued imagination, creativity, and meaningful contributions as essential future skills.

Together, we’d understand that change is natural and shouldn’t be feared. Experimentation is the cornerstone of long-term creation, allowing us to build adaptable living systems.

Is it so wild to envision a world where everyone takes responsibility for our role in shaping our future? Rather than just predicting the future, we create it through our actions, decisions, and choices we make today. Everyone is equally responsible for what emerges and there is no one to blame or judge in a world of curious co-creators.

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