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Sleep Tourism: A Question of Restful Bliss?

Mar 14, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Sleep Tourism: A Question of Restful Bliss? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The hospitality industry is ushering in an era of sleep tourism, transforming our nights away from home into opportunities for deep, restorative rest.

Is sleep worth $1,780 a night? Who can really spend $500 a night to sleep and cocoon? And then there are the special amenities offered at an additional cost.

The hospitality sector promotes sleep tourism. Does it address why we struggle to sleep, or just offer a plush temporary fix?

Hotels offer AI beds, gadgets and hypnotherapists. But are these true innovations or just exploiting our need for rest?

Wellness retreats aim to improve sleep. Yet, do they tackle our unique sleep challenges or offer broad strokes?

The shift to sleep wellness makes us ask: Are we truly focusing on health, or just throwing money at a cool new trend that only few can afford?

Sleep tourism hints at change. But does a temporary escape truly solve our long-term sleep issues? is it perhaps a way for hotels to find a niche away from Airbnb?

As we question sleep tourism, we ask: Is better sleep about individual effort or a wider societal change to value rest?

In promoting sleep-focused environments, are we advancing or just providing a temporary solution to a deeper issue? What happens to opportunities for deep dialogue and connection to ourselves and our natural environment?

These experiences push us to dig deeper into our sleep issues. But then, facing a hefty $1,780 per night bill might just jolt us awake. Meanwhile, the thought of pausing our selfie streams to rest might unsettle us further. But maybe when we wake up, social media will be banned?

Amidst this, we search for genuine connection and vitality. It prompts a question: have we ignored the sun’s healing embrace, a natural source of rejuvenation we’ve taken for granted?


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