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SleepTok Anyone?

Jul 5, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unleash

SleepTok Community - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

SleepTok is a hotspot for people wanting to share and find sleep solutions on TikTok. The focus is on improving sleep quality. And it’s an ever-growing phenomenon.

When we don’t get enough sleep, it causes health and also social issues. For instance, it harms our performance at school or work. Furthermore, sleep deprivation connects to the top seven causes of death. These are heart disease, cancer, stroke, accidents, diabetes, severe infections, and high blood pressure.

But on TikTok, sleep hack videos are a hit. They’ve earned more than 545 million views on. More and more people are trying to figure out sleep wellness.

The hashtag #sleeptips is a further boost to this sleepless trend. It reports over 463 million views. This indicates many people craving practical advice when it comes to elusive sleep and rest.

Interestingly, while these tips gain traction, their real impact remains uncertain. Nearly a third of American TikTok users report trying a sleep hack they found on the platform. But do they really affect quality of sleep? The answer is still unclear.

Moreover, sleeplessness is a growing issue worldwide. More and more people are searching for natural and effective solutions. An Oxford study from 2002 found that counting sheep actually makes falling asleep take longer. It’s simply too boring to distract us from concerns about work and relationships.

SleepTok is offering a sleepless community a place to discuss this issue. And we know that with this rather large number of people eager for sleep solutions, there will be many new sleep-related experts, products and services coming to market. Sleep is hot and heating up in the consumer world.

Interest in “mouth tape” has shot up in recent years, for example, seeing a 265% increase in searches over the last two. Mouth tape, a strip of adhesive applied to the lips during sleep, is designed to lessen mouth breathing, cut down on snoring, and enhance sleep quality. TikTok videos with the hashtag #mouthtape had over 93 million views.

Yet, do we question why so many of us struggle to rest and sleep? Sleep holds key importance for our overall health and brain function. Then why does it evade so many of us? Instead of chasing trends, perhaps we address the root cause of our sleeplessness? Do we have an opportunity to tap into holistic, natural approaches to get the rest we need?

Maybe we also consider how stress, anxiety, long work hours, and mental health impact our sleep. These factors significantly affect our physical well-being. There’s no quick fix or ‘hack’ for life or sleep. Hacking sleep is simply a story we tell ourselves and perhaps share in videos. But there is nothing quite like waking up after a healthy night of rest as it shines on our entire day. No expert required apart from each of us focused on our wellbeing; accepting rest as an important trek on our journey.

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