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Taking Flight

Dec 24, 2022 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

Taking Flight - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Taking Flight

When a plane takes off into a strong headwind, it needs all its force to lift itself off the tarmac into the air and find its flight path. Likewise, our own heads need all possible healthy energy available to us. And an imaginative and creative mindset that will shift our perspective and get us up and running. 

Emotions are like a satellite dish—they catch every signal out there. We can learn to build our own geo-fence, a virtual reality barrier.

When you can imagine something, tie your heart to what you want to create, and then follow through, does it become possible? Once you understand the individual functions of mind and heart and unite them as a whole, then it is easier to do. It really is only doable when your heart and mind work together in harmony.

Flight Paths

You have choices to make every second of the day. You can spend your life focusing on what you missed out on or regretting choices you made missing your flight. There is also a choice to give yourself a break from all unnecessary stress and drama. 

You can never go back to the place where you made a certain decision, either to do something or not to do it. That moment passed. The decision was made and is irreversible. What’s done is done.

We can cause more damage by digging a deeper hole trying to reverse what was done. We really don’t have any control over the past. But we can determine how we navigate forward from here in the present. Do yourself a favor and don’t live in regret.

Of course, there is no assurance that you will be in a different place. But your navigational system will become more experienced through experimentation. Just know that in due course, you will get you to where you are meant to be on your flight path. It’s the universal law.

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