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Trekking with Tara Kelly

Jun 5, 2022 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Tara Kelly Splice - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

A Trek with Tara Kelly

Clearly born with business savvy and an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s no surprise Tara Kelly went into business for herself.  First opening a health-food store, then Simply Health Systems, an appointment reminder software company. In 2006, she founded SPLICE Software Inc., introducing a new generation of enterprise voice applications to the international market. 

As a serial innovator, she is passionate about technology’s potential to change lives for the better. She has consistently channeled that belief into developing technologies that enhance operations, enable better service delivery and improve the customer experience. 

In her twitter profile, Tara describes herself as “Proud mom of 4 vibrant boys, passionate worker, technology lover, outdoor adventurer, thrill seeker, efficiency addict = a Relentless, Realistic Optimist.”

Trust is Key to Business Today

When we want to move and change together, we need a foundation of trust, and openness fosters trust. Think about the people you trust the most: they are trustworthy because they have invested in those deep roots of honesty and openness.

Tara believes the human world is getting smaller, so it’s important for us to find our community—online and offline—and get involved in something we care about. We should each be taking on some challenges that allow us to be of service. And as a conscious leader, Tara has served many leadership roles in her community.

When we pursue our passion, we can connect with the whole planet. Technology allows us to get to know someone in nearly every country, and on every continent, who’s working on what we are passionate about.

Creating A Path for Healthy Communities

In Tara’s words, “I want to know the best leaders and connect with them. I want to build my community, regardless of geography.

The challenge is to truly get involved and not just talk about it. Make the time and raise the bar higher. Ask for more from yourself. Ask more from humanity. It can’t just be lip service.

We don’t necessarily need to ask for more from our government or policymakers—we need to ask for more from ourselves, and then take action. The accountability starts with us, and we need to focus on what impact we can make in the world.

People need to be open. I want us to move together as a planet. Competition can be healthy, but there are so many brilliant and unique ideas out there that we need to do a much better job of sharing, so that we can create and learn from each other more deeply.

Open-source is our future, as we can share our knowledge and publish openly. We need more people with attitudes saying, “Here’s all my information. Here’s the patent. Here’s the spec.

Please build forward.

Please make the right choices for humanity.

It’s time to drop the barriers and create harmony.

Let’s share knowledge around the world.

Let’s grow together.

Let’s create great communities.

We will get so much further together.”

There is a desire to uncover the simplicity of life in its abundance of opportunity on this planet, along with the ability to connect deeply with each other. It is an opportunity to redefine our current system of work.

What if what seemed like work becomes play, and what if play is a daily practice of joy and curiosity? What if this way of living is infectious and attracts others to join in your work? Would changes could then take place in your community?

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