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The Heart of Collaboration

Sep 13, 2022 | Daily Trek, Trusted Relationships

The Seed of Collaboration - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Heart of Collaboration

The heart of collaboration is simple. Here is what so many of us want, need and dream about when it comes to creating something meaningful together. We want to surround ourselves with people who get us and will be with us on our journey. Trusted relationships and a sense of a caring community is at the heart of collaboration.

We want to create, on our own terms, with people who are healthy for us—aligned around a shared intention or purpose. Creating our own rhythm and exploring what’s possible.

Being with people and working on interesting stuff together feels great. And being able to openly figure stuff out together is what truly inspires us.

We want heart blowing conversations that don’t restrict us but allow us to unleash possibilities. There is no correcting, schooling or judging. Instead we find flow and go to the places we only visit in our imagination. 

We simply want to be able to practice our unique art and gifts with people who are passionate about what we care about most. And we want to be able to have work that makes us come alive and people who ignite our flame.

Meaning Creates Structure

This is why the endless conversations and debates taking place today about how we work—hybrid, office, remote or on the space station—keep us stuck in the world of structure. But when that’s all we know, and we are scared to explore the unknown, not much changes.

We continue to re-imagine within this archaic model and spin it a bit this way or that way. And we talk about who is forcing us back to the office and who is refusing to come back. But what about the actual work?

The heart of collaboration is about why we work and contribute; not how we work. And after all, most of us want to contribute without having to take anyone down. Because competition is part of the dying world where leading with structure simply keeps us divided and fighting the system.

Changing the Game

And it’s not easy to find brave souls who are willing to let go of the structure and truly create what is needed. Not many are willing to walk away from the noise and rhetoric to get to the true heart of collaboration.

But imagine that we get to experience an adventurous life filled with imagination and radical honesty. And we tap into the kid inside of us who wants to play outside in the mud and simply have fun. The child who is not here to people-please or live a perfect structured, normalized life. What if from the time we were kids we had abundant experiences playing together and we simply know how to collaborate from our hearts?

Imagine cleaning 100 rivers together, growing healthy food or sparking curiosity in billions of us? What if we are able to find the people who care about what we care about and it became our work? What if instead of teams, we have caring communities that share in the love of creating meaningful experiences?

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