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Shifting Financial Wealth

Mar 10, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

The Shifting of Financial Wealth - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Imagine that in two decades, financial wealth will be in the hands of more people. Well, you don’t need to. Because a new report tells us that millennials are on the cusp of becoming the richest generation in history. This $90 trillion transfer to millennials over the next twenty years is a monumental shift in economic power and responsibility.

Now, imagine they all banded together. Sam Altman would just need to go to the “council” and ask for the $1T he is raising for OpenAI. Perhaps this council would also invest in creating ethical standards and societal benefits, emphasizing a commitment to creating a future where technology supports humanity.

And here is the opportunity. When the people inhering this financial wealth are healthy and conscious, the decisions that shape our individual and collective life on this planet can also be healthy.

But there is no special council unifying us. Only a few understand that we are the architects of our lives. But with the shifting financial wealth, there is an opportunity to not only shift wealth creation but define wealth as not only financial. Truly, charting a healthy path forward is one of our biggest opportunities.

Now those of us inheriting this wealth have been questioning quite a bit. Many have been challenged by the job market, housing market and making a living.

The question is, will we continue to divide between high net worth individuals and the rest of the people; creating more division? Is this an opportunity to think and create more community oriented ways of living? Maybe new governance models that we don’t need to fight agains? Perhaps shift from sick care to true holistic health care. Can we create a peaceful world where we walk our talk?

Introducing new systems and models that shift our reality is what is on the horizon.

And it is also interesting that some parents are choosing to leave their wealth to causes they believe in. And not their children.

There is a lot to dive deep into here. Because as a society, we can choose to open dialogue circles to explore possibilities.

But if we stay on course: on the materialistic path, we will see some move toward financial independence and more wealth creation.

And the big guys are already out there, ready to strike. Elon Musk has reportedly bought 6,000 acres of land just outside of Austin. And there are already tips on how to invest in the city’s growth before he floods it with new tech workers. Then, of course, another billionaire has a solution. Collecting passive income from real estate just got a whole lot simpler. A new real estate fund backed by Jeff Bezos gives us instant access to a diversified portfolio of rental properties, and we only need $100 to get started.

So, what will we choose? What will we influence? What do we truly care about as we the so-called richest generation in history enters center stage? The clock is ticking on the choices we make.

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