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Unleashing Critical Thinking

Sep 13, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Unleashing Critical Thinking - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Unlocking Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is increasingly important in a world where we are questioning everything. And in the hearts of critical thinkers lie an insatiable curiosity and healthy skepticism of the status quo.

Life unfolds in the here and now, compelling us to make choices that reflect our deepest needs. Critical thinking is our ally here; it helps us sift through the noise of societal expectations and our own fears. Let’s not get sidelined by the judgments of others. Those who claim to have all the answers rarely venture into the unknown and often lack the critical thinking skills to question their own beliefs.

Learning and unlearning are constants in our lives. Critical thinking enables us to discern valuable lessons from our experiences and adapt our viewpoints. What if we actively seek companions who know themselves and face life without irrational fear? These are the individuals who genuinely learn, evolve, and drive meaningful transformation.

Thinking about what was or what could be is human nature. However, time is not a yardstick we can lay down between yesterday and tomorrow. Neither regret nor anticipation can equip us for the present moment—the only moment we truly own. It’s critical thinking that keeps us anchored, helping us evaluate our past actions without dwelling on them, and planning for the future without obsessing over it.

Critical Thinking and the Art of Living in the Present

Caught in the cycle of daily planning, we dwell on tasks, meetings, and long-term ambitions. While foresight has its merits, it shouldn’t eclipse the act of living. Critical thinking ensures that our plans align with our core values, and not just societal benchmarks. The essence of our destiny is not in what we say but in what we do. Saying we’ll focus on health is different from actually eating well and moving our bodies.

Action trumps speech, every time. We don’t draw inspiration from idle daydreams but from the actions we take. Critical thinking propels us from thought to action, helping us see the practical steps we need to take. Instead of merely discussing lofty plans—like writing or launching a project—why not actually begin? The richness of experience lies in doing, teaching us in ways abstract thought never will.

The call to act resounds in the current moment. Grasping it, we unlock a world of limitless potential, a reality unreachable by mere contemplation. Critical thinking sharpens our focus, ensuring that our actions are intentional, not just reactions to external pressures. So let’s take that step. The healthy moment is not a point in the future; it is now.

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