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We Are Being Called to Be the Architects of the Future

Sep 11, 2020 | Futuristic

Not It’s Victims
Many of us have learned to receive our energy from the world around us, and in doing so, the increasing external noise that surrounds us is making us sick or anxious. It seems like everyone has an opinion or three, and yet, take a look at our world right now and you will see that no one really knows much of anything. If we did, would this be the world we would want to live in?

There is a lot of talk about the insanity of it all but that’s as old as time itself. We just have a front row seat to what has always been here as it is no longer being masked. It’s staring us between the eyes.

We can get easily get lost in the noise where there’s a never ending wave of shame, blame and finger pointing at who is right and who isn’t. And it’s all keeping us distracted from understanding that we don’t always need to adjust ourselves to this decaying world and fit in. Some of us are curious and courageous enough to go on our own adventure of a lifetime not only by saying, “enough!” but living our enough. No longer buying into the beliefs that more is better or that the person who dies with the most possessions wins.

Healthy pioneers are quietly working to create the bridges — be it in education, healthcare, regenerative agriculture, the environment and so much more. What keeps us going is finding the balance between our passion and its embodiment in the emerging world. It’s far from easy when you step out of the societal conditioning and some of the hardest work you can ever do. But there is a need to create a healthier world and it is so possible right now when we turn down the volume.

There are many positive things happening right now, but they are hard to find in the mainstream as so many people are quietly creating real solutions, outside the noise. We only see a fraction of them since conventional social and media channels continue in the old programming that constantly amplifies fear and division. And in those story there is not much room for possibilities so it’s easy to lose sight of hope.

Imagine what will happen when more of us see the traps of our societal conditioning and instead of posting, protesting, blaming and supporting division with our financial currency and energy, we will make healthier choices not just for ourselves but for our collective. And sure, it can be lonely when everyone around us is in some sort of battle trying to be right. But know that when you step out of this insanity, you are making a difference.

Our world needs us more than ever. What we create in the world matters. Living in awareness of the daily choices we make around who and what we consume matters. It’s not easy to see that the foundation of our world is simply rotten and instead of building more and more on a rotting foundation, it’s time to trek into the unknown. This is what creates real change on our planet.

When we fight the system, we lose. Our fighting only strengthens the division and fear that’s making us ill. When we look at problems and transform them into opportunities, we are architecting our future. Being aware of the challenges allows us to be grounded in reality so we can navigate and create the bridges. We have enough people telling us what’s wrong with the world and now it’s time to say, enough. There has never been a better time to step out of the status quo and be curious enough to play with possibilities. Our lives depend on it. So much is possible when we become aware of our ability to create. No longer needing to survive or fight for our lives.

”We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” Buckminster Fuller

While it’s not easy, if you’re being called to be an architect of humanity, step into your power and create like never before. What else is there?

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