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Weathering the Storm

Jan 12, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unleash

Weathering the Storm - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Storm

There’s a storm brewing in many of us, right now, trying to “make sense” of how our world is changing so quickly. Some of us are in deep mourning around what we have lost. Some feel a sense of despair and fear. And many of us are simply going inward and understanding storms are here to connect us to what’s possible. We each weather the storm in our own way — when we choose how we respond.

We have no idea what anyone is going through and it’s starting to show as we continue to see meltdowns in our external world. Lots of people have advice and when we can turn it into compassion, much changes.

But the irony is that many of us don’t know how. It is much easier to sit in our pain and say we are offering “wisdom” to others under the pretense of caring. But when a whole bunch of us tell other people that they can do something but don’t follow our own advice that is the wounded energy that is put into our world. It is filled with conflict, division and all the things we pretend do not exist.

And yet here we are on January 12, 2023 with so much swirling around in the world. The headlines and breaking news are about polarizing revelations, breaches, storms and other disruptions. 

Weathering the Storm

The truth of the matter is that not much as it seems like the warning on our car mirrors that say, objects may appear closer than they are. It’s easy to get swept into the storm when we look out our windows and see stormy winter weather outdoors.

Our insides may feel the storm but our discernment kicks in to understand that this division or storm don’t need to define us. Do we need these distractions? Does the future of the Royal Family in any country, for example, determine our lives?

We can take the road most travelled or trek into the unknown. There’s a choice to follow the crowd or listen to our heart. We can make unconscious choices by buying into fearful dramas or take the conscious path of awareness guided by our healthiest opportunities. 

We can blame the storm; or not. Turbulence and rocky jaunts are just as available as peaceful ones. It depends which doors we choose to close or open, and which path we take. I am blessed to have people in my life who can easily choose victimhood but instead create with passion and love. 

Unleashing Opportunities

My dear friend Tim McDonald, for example, is still waiting for his liver donor and I hope we hear soon about his miracle. Instead of just waiting around, by experiencing firsthand the challenges of finding a living donor, he created Share My Liver to help others. 

Jim Canto and I shared his vision and helped bring it to life. The three of us never had a meeting. We were clear on how we wanted to help and together built the foundation. So now, Tim can build the community and save many lives. 

Tim recently shared, “It’s so exciting seeing an idea become a reality. This entire thing has come with the help of Ayelet and Jim so far with zero meetings between us. My CEO is going to help automate some of the matching. And today I have a call with Caroline Michelle and the Cleveland Clinic to bring this idea to more people.”  

Tim always cares enough to make a difference. He is the most incredible community builder I have ever met; even while he waits for one person to give him the gift of life. 

Clearing the Path of the Storm

There are so many incredible pioneers in our world who dare to trek into the unknown. We won’t find them in the breaking doom and gloom news. But what if we create our own news? What if no one knows where the next step leads us until we take that step? What if we can create the healthy system we need and no longer have anything or anyone to judge or blame? 

All paths have obstacles and challenges, but the healthy path of creation, once we choose it, allows us to appreciate the gifts we have inside ourselves. Sometimes we may feel we are alone but once we connect with healthy people and let go toxicity, everything becomes possible. And yet, we also become more discerning and understanding of what’s truly possible. 

It’s not easy, as I have learned. But it is so very possible when we choose to live in awareness and tap into natural HI (human intelligence). Can we practice less fighting and more creating with vision, purpose, and experimentation please?

Paulo Coelho writes “I have seen many storms in my life. Most storms have caught me by surprise. So I had to learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the weather, to exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of nature.”

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