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We’re Not for Everyone

Nov 6, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

We're Not for Everyone, and That's Healthy - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

In life’s vast playground, a compelling truth emerges: We’re not for everyone, and not everyone is for us. People exist who will not appreciate us, regardless of our actions. Some are so caught up in stories and ideologies that have no space for anyone else to co-exist.

Recognizing this is healthy and liberates us from the conditioned belief that we must gain universal approval or amass followers. It teaches us that we’re not for everyone, and that realization fosters a profound sense of freedom. This acknowledgment also allows us to cherish those who clearly see us—our true gems.

With eight billion people around us, we become aware that not all are healthy to our wellbeing. And people come in and out of our life; we never need to be stuck when we let go of unhealthy characters here to test us.

Life teaches us to choose and discern with intention and clarity, embracing or declining what’s before us with our wellbeing at heart. Because playgrounds turn into battlegrounds when we bring toxicity into our world.

Not everyone tunes into our frequency, and that’s okay. We each carry a unique beat, an energy that attracts some and not others. Our melodies might resonate or fall flat, but it’s not about judgment—it’s about our holistic health: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Picture a festival: stages for different genres, each attracting its people. Rock enthusiasts don’t linger at the jazz stage, and that’s okay. Every stage has its community. Our personal journeys are no different.

It’s the same with our personal journeys. Some folks are meant to dance alongside us, while others follow a different beat. When we encounter someone who doesn’t resonate with our journey, it’s not a signal to change our song. Instead, it’s an opportunity to appreciate the diverse tapestry of life’s sounds and rhythms.

Wasting energy trying to pull someone into our dance, especially if they’re not feeling the rhythm, isn’t healthy for anyone. Do we need toxicity on our path? Are we here to fight and have unnecessary wounds inflicted on us?

In this abundant world, even during very challenging times, our path is truly a gift of exploration. And sharing it? Even more so.

Challenges, trauma, and heartbreak touch us all; life spares no one these experiences. Yet, the choice of response remains deeply personal. When we open our hearts and minds, stretching beyond the visible and the known, we tap into a wealth of insight within us and from the world around. Curiosity beckons us to dive into life’s flow and embrace the exploration of the unknown.

Let’s cherish those who fuel our energy, who understand and share our meaning of life. The ones who make the dance even more fulfilling. As for those who walk to a different beat, let’s simply become aware that we’re not for everyone and that is simply healthy. Knowing our enough and when enough is enough is simply wisdom.

Ask yourself: Are you re-living the past, playing a set part in another’s story? Or, like the Earth in its cycles of renewal, are you ready for a reset? Embracing the unknown and seizing your creative power, you step away from outdated systems and societal scripts that tell you we’re for everyone when we’re not really. Dare to question and experiment understanding who is healthy for your wellbeing. Because this allows you to craft healthy realities together rather than staying stuck fitting in.

Opportunities and healthy people appear in our lives because we’ve made the space for them to emerge.

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