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A 4:30 AM Reflection

Mar 11, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

A 4:30 AM Reflection - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

A 4:30 AM Reflection

At 4:30 am today, half awake, I read this: “If a monkey hoarded more bananas than it could eat, while most of the other monkeys starved, scientists would study that monkey to figure out why. However, when humans behave similarly, they often gain recognition on Forbes’ covers and garner significant influence.”

People we see as rational are often caught in limiting beliefs. Right now, the world is abuzz, fixated on “imposter syndrome“—that inner voice convincing us we’re not up to par, scared of being exposed. I recently connected with a young man who believed his lizard brain.

If the lizard brain is behind your fears, holding you back from creating art or shipping your work, it acts as the source of resistance. This primal part of the brain prioritizes safety over risk, leading to caution and hesitation in situations where vulnerability is required, such as in artistic expression or launching new projects.

Recognizing this can be the first step in overcoming these barriers, allowing you to move beyond fear and embrace your creative and productive potential.

But our vulnerability and the longing for insights from those we think are wiser entice us, especially in moments filled with fear, uncertainty, and deepening divides.


Explore any belief deeply, and you’ll find its truth or falsehood. Why does imposter syndrome affect so many? Who willingly puts on a facade daily, playing a role in life’s grand scheme? What holds us back from just being ourselves?

This harmful mindset erodes our self-trust, our strength, and our authenticity.

Thus, at 4:30 AM, a question arises: why do we get trapped by limiting beliefs?

Imposters didn’t invent the means to soar across the globe in airplanes; it was curious innovators. Yet, could it be that imposters invented the concept of imposter syndrome? It’s unclear if scientists have delved into the roots of this dis-ease (belief).

Figures once hailed as modern-day heroes on magazine covers, from Elizabeth Holmes, celebrated as the youngest self-made billionaire, to Sam Bankman-Fried, dubbed the crypto golden boy, are serving prison sentences. It takes imposter syndrome to a whole new level.

And what about the engagement-driven algorithms on anti-social media platforms? Here, we witness contemporary outrage, gaslighting, conflict, and frequently, manipulation. Social dialogue has become scarce. Instead, mudslinging and bullying, particularly in political circles, dictate who is considered good and who is bad.

As 4:30 AM Turns into 5:50 AM

The question is when do we start believing ourselves and listening to what is ours? And having the courage to say, enough.

We don’t need to fix “disbelief” or “misinformation” when we become aware of what is ours and what is not. Because it sheds a light on what is healthy and what is unhealthy for our own wellbeing.

When we are ready to take the path of curiosity, which takes effort to choose, we get to unpack our beliefs. Rather than combative debates, a healthy path emerges.

Every Sunday, in Indore, India, a group of people get together, often with guests, and connect in dialogue circles. I am amazed at what they are creating, together, with a shared vision of a healthy world. It keeps me going to know that unity is possible when we plant seeds and nurture them. No longer fighting but creating on the edges with curiosity, courage and deep self-awareness.

And at 5:51 AM, I am reminded of a proverb that says: Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense.

Can we stay true to ourselves and our abundant curiosity? What if we steer our own ship in a healthy direction?

By tapping into our unique frequency for creation, accessible to each of us, we harness the set the course of our day. Have a beautiful week; as pure as your true essence.

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