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Agatha Christie Also Teaches Us to Never Give Up

Jan 17, 2022 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Agatha Christie - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Agatha Christie Faced Life, Like all of Us

Agatha Christie, like Buckminster Fuller and many of us, faced many challenges in her life. When we become aware that being human means experiencing life to the fullest; from the hardships, the lessons, and the betrayals to perspective, personal growth and self-love, much can shift.

When author Agatha Christie was thirty-five, she not only faced the death of her beloved mother, her then-husband confessed his love of another woman and asked for a divorce. Feeling alone in the world, she like Bucky, reached a point where she questioned whether there was a reason to go on. And, her seven-year-old daughter still needed her.

Most of us know Agatha Christie’s work from her books, films and television series. According to her website, “Outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare, Agatha Christie is the best-selling novelist of all time. She is best known for her 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections, as well as the world’s longest-running play, The Mousetrap.”

We All Have A Start

Agatha Christie was born into an affluent English family in 1890 and was homeschooled by her American father. Although her mother was a storyteller at heart, she didn’t want her daughter to learn to read until she was eight years old. But Agatha managed to teach herself to read at four and develop a deep imagination, including imaginary friends.

When she was 22, she fell in love with Archie Christie, and they were wed on Christmas eve in 1914. But World War I broke out and as a pilot, they were mostly living apart. Their daughter Rosalind was born in 1919 and Agatha published her first in a series of detective novels. Despite this external success, her marriage fell apart in 1926 and she was deeply depressed.

But with time and the need to care for her daughter, she realized that sometimes things fall apart and she had a responsibility to the child she created. Being an author, she jumped back into her other love: imagining and writing. Travel was also a big part of her life and she not only took a trip on the Orient Express, she also joined a friend on a trip to an archeological dig in Iraq.

Agatha Christie’s Gifts Were Waiting for Her to Experience Life

It was on this dig in Iraq that she met Max Mallowan, a prominent archeologist, with who she fell in love with. They were married until Agatha Christie’s death 46 years later. Sometimes our biggest treasures are found in unlikely places. And our belief in ourselves allows us to open ourselves up to possibilities.

In An Autobiography,  Agatha Christie writes, “What can I say at seventy-five? ‘Thank God for my good life, and for all the love that has been given to me.”

A Request

My dream is a world in which we promote the flourishing of life; where we trust our hearts, make healthy choices and create the regenerative systems we need to thrive. I am dedicating my life to our individual and collective ability to seed it by choosing a healthy path and joining others ready to co-create.

Those of us who have lost someone we love to suicide deeply know the pain of someone who has chosen a different path and that it is also very personal. Life can change in a blink of an eye.

If you know anyone who feels alone or depressed, please gift them a timeless technology of listening heart-to-heart. And share Bucky’s, Agatha’s or your own story with them. This is how we lift ourselves and each other up and it may change the course of history like it did for some. It doesn’t always and that too is part of life.

Here is a story shared by Tim McDonald on why letting the world feel our heartbeat matters when we trek into possibilities.

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